2 Fort Worth Zoo hyenas on temporary exhibit at Abilene Zoo

Two striped hyenas from Fort Worth Zoo have made temporary homes at Abilene Zoo.

You’ll be near the exhibits of a rhinoceros and three lions, also on loan from the Fort Worth Zoo since November, while the big cat habitat is undergoing renovations.

Because of its accreditation with the Association of Zoos & Aquariums, Abilene Zoo can participate with other facilities in the loan of animals for breeding, temporary housing and other projects, said spokeswoman Jennifer Pacheco.

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Male hyena Felix and female Farrah, both 11 years old, will remain at the Abilene facility for about two years until the Fort Worth Zoo project is completed in spring 2023, according to an Abilene Zoo press release.

Hyenas, which are part of the cat family and are not dogs, have not been on display at the Abilene Zoo since 2009.

“Typically silent, striped hyenas give off a cackling howl rather than the giggles of their cousin, the spotted hyena.” Abilene Zoo’s General Curator Denise Ibarra said.

Often referred to as clean-up crews, striped hyenas are scavengers with a diet that changes with the season. Their fur can range in color from tawny to gray, while their distinctive features include black stripes that provide camouflage in African grasslands and a short, tufted fur crest along their spine, the press release said.

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