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Here are 5 tips to hire a roofing contractor to handle an insurance claim for Roof Damage Insurance Claim

Dec 30

It is stressful to find roof damage after a storm. It's even more stressful dealing with your insurance provider and submitting claims for damage to your roof.

You must find an expert roofing company that will assist you in the process of filing an insurance claim. There are many roofing companies.

How are you supposed to locate a reliable roofing company to handle your roof damage insurance claim, despite all the options available? These five suggestions can help.

For over 10 years Select Adjusters' team of experts Select Adjusters has assisted homeowners throughout the roof damage insurance claim process. We're here to assist you in finding a roofing contractor in your area or Arizona public adjuster who can accomplish the exact similar.

At the end of this post, you'll have 5 tips you need for choosing a roofing company for the roof damage insurance claim.

Only look at roofing contractors who have local addresses and a phone number

Find an experienced local contractor who can assist you with your roofing claim.

Any roofing company that is a potential candidate must possess a physical location in your area and a local number. This will ensure that they'll be available for any claim procedure, and you'll know where to find them if you ever have a problem with your roof.

It is important to make sure that they're local when hiring a roofing professional. This is even more important if you own insurance for roof damage. It's because storm chasers will most likely be in your area following an intense storm.

These firms are from outside of the state and come in just after the storm. They undercut local roofing prices, then take the money , and then move on to the next town that is affected by the storm.

They won't be concerned about your local codes or whether or not they correctly install your roof. They won't return your call after they've gone from your property.

Every roofing contractor has to be licensed, bonded, and insured

It doesn't matter if you've insurance against roof damage, each roofing contractor has to be licensed certified, bonded and insured. These three components ensure that the work is done properly.

It is essential to verify that any roofing company you're thinking of hiring is licensed, bonded and insured in your specific state. Find out if potential roofing contractors have proof.

Below is a quick overview of the reason why each one of these documents is essential to you.

Legally Licensed

To get a contractor a license all they need to do is apply to the state's licensing board for contractors. The worth of the work will determine the kind of license they require.

A home improvement licence is required for all jobs in excess of $3,000 as well as an general contractor's license for jobs that exceed $25,000. General contractor's licenses are needed for roofing contractors, as roofing projects are huge investments.


Bonds ensure that, if a company goes out of its business in the course of work or if there's a problem in the work that they don't fix it then the customer is able to fall back on the company that issued the bond.

The term "bonding" means that a bonding agency knows that roofing contractors do business ethically and correctly. The bonding company puts up the bond as they are confident that the contractor will complete the work in the correct way.


All contractors should be fully insured with general liability and workman's comp. an insurance policy for company vehicles on all vehicles they own and do not own.

General liability insurance as well as workman's comp limits are based on the nature of the contractor's tasks and the state in which they're located. If all they're doing is minor residential work and their general liability will not be as high as one who does larger jobs.

If a roofing company doesn't have the proper license, bond, and insured in your state do not even consider employing them to handle your insurance claim for damage to your roof. If something goes wrong on the actual construction, you'll have no recourse.

It's essential to employ a roofing contractor who has expertise in dealing with roofing damage insurance claims

These tips are important for every hire. However, it is particularly important in the case of roof damage claims. It is vital to find a roofing company with expertise in handling insurance claims.

A roofing company with expertise in insurance work will be able to help you understand the procedure of insurance claims, how to interpret your claim, make any necessary adjustments, and the best way to finish your work according to the guidelines set by the insurance company. They can also save you from committing fraud by omission.

For example:

If you're covered under an insurance policy known as a Replacement Cost Value policy, or RCV, (your insurance company will pay to replace your roof), the work estimate might be less than what the insurance company was willing to pay. You won't be able to get any money left over.

The RCV policy requires evidence of completion to confirm that the items mentioned in the estimate of insurance are included in the contractor's scope work. If you ask for an appraisal of the recoverable depreciation (the amount an insurance company estimates a roof has decreased over time) however you didn't get the work done and your insurance company doesn't reimburse you for the depreciation.

A roofing contractor who has the experience to handle insurance claims helps in many ways, but the most important this will guarantee you an enjoyable experience during an emotional time.

Look for a roofing company that stands behind their work

The roofing contractor you select has the biggest impact on the quality of the roof replacement. That's why, regardless whether you're dealing with a roofing damaged insurance claim or retail project, you need to select a roofing contractor that guarantees their work.

You need to know what warranty a roofing contractor offers regarding their workmanship. If they're really proud in their work, they'll stand behind their work, even if something goes wrong.

The warranty for workmanship may be extended for as long as a year one, two, three five, ten, ten, twenty-five years, 25 or even the lifetime. It is important to select a vendor with at minimum a 10-year warranty, but you should really try to get an all-year warranty or even close to it.

Each roofing company must offer the customer a workmanship warranty. If a roofing firm doesn't provide a guarantee on workmanship, don't even think about hiring them for the roof damage insurance claim.

See the most recent reviews for each roofing contractor

There are numerous ways to find a reputable roofing company, plumber, carpenter, or any other service you're looking for in this day and age of digital technology. One of the best methods for homeowners to locate the best roofing service to settle a roof-related insurance claim is to look at reviews.

When you read reviews on any potential roofing contractors, make sure you're looking at the last 2-3 months. This will ensure that you're getting the most current homeowner experience, both good and bad.

You can gather a great deal of facts from reviews which let you know if the roofing contractor is doing top quality work and understands how to handle insurance claims. I'm not saying all the reviews are true because there are some who go to the extreme either way.

If a business stands by its work, has a good relationship with customers , and is honest with its actions and is honest with its reviews, they will show the same.

This checklist can be used to ask potential roofers most pertinent questions.

These five tips can help you find potential roofing companies to handle your roof damage insurance claims. Although these five suggestions are great, you'll need to ask the right questions when meeting with potential roofing contractors.

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