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Best 12-Month Electricity Plans that Give-Back in Dallas

Jan 14

Best 12-Month Electricity Plans that Give-Back in Dallas

DALLAS, TEXAS, Jan.14, 2022 - Texas Electricity Ratings

Sign up for an energy plan to help Dallas residents and others in need. It will donate money to Texas charities and other national causes.

What Dallas Energy Companies are Charitable?

It is winter, and many consider Dallas's plight. You could consider switching to Texas' charitable energy provider if you feel generous during the holiday season. You can enjoy low rates and feel great about helping others with these 12-month plans.

What Charitable Electricity Company Offers the Best Rates

4Change donates 4 percent of its annual profits to four charities. They are: These top charities work tirelessly to help those in greatest need in Texas and across the country. These charities are:

Texas Feeding Program

American Cancer Society

American Red Cross

Heroes for Children

4Change's Generous Saver 12 offers both a bill credit and tiered rates. After 1000 kWh, the base energy cost of 9.18c per kWh is reduced to 4.68c per kWh. It increases to 9.68c per kWh after 2000 kWh. TDU fees are not separate. However, a $25 bill credit can be earned for every 1000 kWh. The average rate is now 10.7 cents/kWh for 1000 kWh.

For each remaining month of the contract, there is a $20 early termination fee. This plan is 100 percent renewable and available for $19.99 if you are looking for green energy in Dallas.

What Texas Electricity Plans Support Veterans?

Veteran Energy is proud to stand with our troops and donates a portion of its profits regularly to several military-focused charities. These charities are:

Fisher House

Lone Star Veterans Organization

Lone Survivor Foundation

Paws for Heroes

Texas Veterans of Foreign Wars

Veteran Energy has a Secure 12-Month plan which provides low electricity rates to Oncor customers. There is a 7.6318c per kWh base charge. However, the service fee for consuming less than 999 kWh within a billing cycle is $9.95. The average electricity rate is 11.7 kWh when you add up the TDU fees.

You have better options than this for low-cost electricity, but you will need to leave the plan prior to contract expiration. This is $150. Veteran Energy, which offers renewable energy, is an alternative to this plan. Secure Green 12 Months sources 100% sustainable energy at a slightly lower base charge of 7.93 cents per Kilowatt.

You can find all of these electricity plans and others on

What is the best way to switch electricity providers in Texas?

Texas has the best energy rates. The deregulated energy market is chaotic and plans can change all the time. The website www. works hard to make sure you have the information needed to switch to the best electricity company for your needs. Check out our site to compare and shop plans!

Sign up for an energy plan to help Dallas families this holiday season! It will donate money to Texas charities and other national causes.


Which company has the lowest electricity rate in Dallas, TX?

Which company has the lowest electricity rate in Dallas, TX? Chariot Energy and Constellation Energy are the current top electricity providers in Dallas. These fixed rate plans provide rate stability and the providers are ranked as top 10 providers based on rankings.

Which Dallas area location has the lowest electricity rate?

Frontier Utilities

Frontier Utilities and Express Energy currently offer the lowest electricity rates in Dallas at 6.7 cents per Kilowatt.

Which Texas electricity plan is best?

The Top 10 Most Affordable Electricity Rates In DFW

Name of Provider Plan Rate/kWh

Energy Texas The Gruene 18 9.5 cents/kWh

Energy Texas Come & Take It 12.6 cents/kWh

Energy Texas Lone Star 6 10.2 cents/kWh

Pulse Power Texas Fixed 36.1 cents/kWh

Which Texas state has the lowest electricity rate?

Current Texas electricity rates are currently tied between Frontier Utilities and Express Energy. The rates for these three providers start at 6.7 cents per Kilowatt.

What are the best ways to choose an electric plan that is worth it?

When shopping for the right energy plan, there are many factors to take into consideration.

Based on your requirements, choose the best energy rate plan.

Locate an energy provider in your local area.

Compare prices.

Find out more about the cost of additional energy plans.

Determine the length of the fixed-rate contract.

You should know when it is possible to switch.

What are the top electricity providers in Texas?

Champion Energy is the 2021 "Best Texas Energy Provider". Champion Energy, a well-known brand for Texas customers of electricity, has won the Texas Electricity Ratings' prestigious 2021 "Best Texas Electricity Provider" award.

Best 12-Month Plans that Give-Back in Dallas, Texas

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