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What is the Average Daily kWh Usage per Home in Texas?

Jan 16

What is the Average Daily kWh Usage per Home in Texas?

FORT WORTH, TEXAS, Jan.16, 2022 - Texas Electricity Ratings

How many kWh of electricity does the average Texas home use each day? Knowing your usage will help you save money on electricity.

What is the daily average electricity consumption in Texas?

It's not difficult to determine how much electricity your house uses each day during the hot Texas summers. Your air conditioner is almost always on. Your air conditioner doesn't work as hard in winter. That is when your furnace takes over the load.

As you may might already be aware, the largest appliances in your home turn on and off automatically throughout the year without you having to ask. Your electricity usage increases as they turn on and off.

The average Texan consumed 1,176 kWh in 2018 according to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA). This works out to 39.2kWh per 24-hour day. Customers paid an average of 11.2 cents per unit for the same year. The average daily cost is $4.39, according to some back-of-the-napkin math.

Your monthly electricity bill is affected by your daily usage

It may seem small, but $4.39 per day is about the same as one cup of fancy coffee per day. Do you really need fancy coffee every day? You probably don't, as the price would quickly add up. The majority of people cannot justify spending more than $131 per month on luxury items. It's up to you whether or not you want fancy coffee. However, for household maintenance, electricity is an indispensable commodity.

Many of the plans Texas Electricity Ratings offers are significantly lower than the 2018 average. Texas Saver 12 from Pulse Power is currently the Houston electricity plan with the lowest cost. You will spend an average rate at 7.3 cents per Kilowatt for a 1,000-kWh monthly use. The term of this agreement lasts one year.

As your usage increases, so does your bill. The same applies to all energy plans. However, your usage and costs don't always change at the same pace. The impact of fluctuations in energy consumption can be affected by base charges or tiered-rate electricity. However, an increase in consumption will always result in higher bills.

Texas seasons change electricity usage

Texas' electricity usage isn’t the same throughout the year. The seasons change the amount of electricity consumed. To combat extreme Texas weather, your usage will increase in summer. In the winter, it peaks at a lower level. The fall and spring provide some relief from the spikes in electricity bills.

Energy saving tips for fall and winter

US Department of Energy has fall and winter energy savings tips to help reduce your daily energy consumption during the colder months. Some of these tips are:

Open your blinds so that the sun can heat some rooms

Setting your thermostat lower

Sealing air leaks

Closing your fireplace damper

You can reduce your winter and fall energy bills by taking a few easy steps. You might want to read our article about energy-efficient holiday lighting.

Get the lowest Texas electricity rate

The electricity rate is a major factor in the monthly cost of your bill. Shop to find the best power plan to meet your needs. This site will provide all of the information that you require to make an informed decision about your next retail electricity contract.

Remember: In Texas, you have the Power to Choose your electricity rate.

How much electricity is used in a Houston home?

Houston homes are subject to normal usage. There are many factors that influence the size and type of houses. Even if these variables are constant, households can use different amounts and types of electricity. It is still useful to understand what your electricity consumption is, and how it compares with others.

Because square footage plays such an important role in electricity consumption, it is helpful to have the average. Similar housing stock is found in the Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth metro areas. The average house built in the Oncor service region, which covers a large area of North Texas is 2,613 sq. feet.

In 2018, Texas households used an average of 1,176 kWh each month. The average electric bill for Texas homes was $131.63 at an average rate of 11.2 cents per Kilowatt hour. We do not have complete data for 2019.

It is interesting to note that Texas has an average US electricity consumption of 914 kWh, but a much lower average cost per month ($117.85). The average Texas electricity cost is 12.87 cents lower than that of the US.

What does seasonal temperature change mean for electricity consumption?

The average electricity consumption varies from year to year. Variations in the outside temperature can cause fluctuations in your home's energy use.

The US Energy Information Administration (EIA), stated that the residential sector experiences the greatest seasonal variation, and sees significant spikes in winter and summer demand. The majority of homes with air conditioners use electricity for cooling during the summer. Winter heating is provided by various fuels. While some homes have electric resistance heating or electric heat pumps installed, many homes that use other heating fuels like natural gas, fuel oil, or petroleum still require electricity to run furnace fans, boiler circulation pumps and compressors.

Texas' electricity consumption reached a new high in August and July 2018, when it reached 153 gigawatts per month. At 149 gigawatt hours, the usage was almost as high in January. These peak times saw electricity use drop as the temperature dropped and increase as the extreme weather conditions became more severe.

How does your house use electricity?

Square footage plays a major role in the home's use. Certain building methods from the past have also been shown to be energy-disruptive. As building codes have improved over the years, energy-efficient materials became industry standard. The original insulation and windows of an older house may not be as effective at controlling temperature as modern products.

Similar results can be seen in older appliances like HVAC systems, washers, dryers, and refrigerators that were made more than a decade ago. They also consume significantly less energy than the newer models. Modern electronics and motors with sensors and better efficiency manage energy consumption much more effectively and are much cheaper to operate.

Reduce your electric bill

Your electricity bill may reveal that you are using more energy than average (1176 kWh) per month. Check the insulation and windows in your home to determine if it is averagely sized or old. You might consider replacing your older appliances with Energy Star-rated models. Professionals are recommended for some tasks such as replacing appliances or upgrading your HVAC system. Most homeowners can do simple tasks such as replacing the weather stripping and re-glazing windows that are leaking.

You should also compare your current retail electricity plan to those listed at Texas Electricity Ratings. Switching to a plan that is more in line with your family's usage can help you save money every month.

What is the Average Daily kWh Usage per Home in Texas?

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