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Christ Church Cathedral

Mar 8

About Christ Church Cathedral

Christ Church Cathedral is not only a beautiful church but also an important historical site in Newcastle. The building, designed by John Horbury Hunt with inspiration from Westminster Abbey and Winchester Cathedral has played host to many events both inside its sanctuary as well as outside on its grounds over time because it's located at one end overlooking all sortsa things.

On 28 June 2011, the church was added to New South Wales State Heritage Register. It is currently led by Dean Katherine Bowyer who took office on 4 October 2017 as a woman for only the second time in history with this position--she also happens to be one of few Episcopalians ever called "The Very Reverend."

Christ Church Cathedral is a survivor of the Japanese submarine attack on Newcastle and the 1989 earthquake. It's now been fully restored to reflect its rich history as an English landmark, dating back more than 190 years when it first opened for worship in 1823 after being built upon this site overlooking the city which has been known throughout time because people come here prayerfully from all over just looking up at these grounds or taking walks through them with great views around 'Castle'.

What To Do At Christ Church Cathedral

The magnificent cathedral dominates the skyline, gathering visitors and pilgrims to enjoy its pristine architecture. With music playing in the background as you walk through these awe-inspiring doors into a church filled with stained glass windows that tell stories from every age; there's no better way than coming here for spiritual enlightenment.

The Cathedral is a place where people come to experience God in their lives. The architecture and art are stunning, but it's not just about looking at things; when you're here with your family or friends we hope that this wonderful church becomes an integral part of who they are as well--that Christ makes himself known through our worship together because there really isn't anything more important than giving back what has been given us: love for one another.


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