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Carrollton, Texas - A Small Town With Big Amenities

Nov 11

Carrollton is a city located in the state of Texas. It is the 23rd most populous city in Texas. It is part of Dallas, Denton, and Collin counties. The city has a population of 133,434 as of the 2020 census. Residents of Carrollton live in many different neighborhoods and enjoy the city's amenities and services. Learn More About Max Local here.

The climate in Carrollton is humid subtropical. The city has hot, humid summers and mild winters. While it rarely has severe weather, the city does experience some snowfall. In fact, Carrollton's highest snowfall was ten to eleven inches in March 1993. During this storm, there was even thundersnow!

Carrollton has a relatively low crime rate and is a safe place to live, even at night. The city has plenty of police officers. It is approximately 20 miles north of Denton, Texas, which is home to the University of North Texas and the Texas Women's University. The city also has a thriving music scene. The town's historic courthouse square is surrounded by numerous bars and restaurants. In addition to the historic courthouse, the downtown area has several shopping areas and restaurants.

Aside from being a small town, Carrollton is also a great location to live in for families and retirees. The area is home to several major companies. The population of Carrollton is about 200,000, so there is no shortage of things to do in this city. If you want to travel outside the city, you can search for flights to a nearby big city or a smaller town.

For those who are interested in the history and culture of Carrollton, the Handbook of Texas is an authoritative source of historical information. You can also sign up for the Texas Almanac's Land Rush program to adopt a town, county, or lake. The proceeds from this program benefit education in Texas. There are several different options for getting around Carrollton, but driving is the best option for most residents. Carrollton also has a large network of bike and hiking paths that allow you to explore the area.


Another important attraction in Carrollton is the Historic Banning Mills, which was established in 1890. Visitors can take a zip line through the historic mills, and there are plenty of outdoor activities to keep you busy. The nearby Gold Kist Company and the University of West Georgia are two other major employers in the area. There are also many parks and recreation opportunities, including the John Tanner State Park.

Carrollton is a growing city. The community is the seat of Carroll County and a major educational, health, and economic center. The city has a main campus of the University of West Georgia. It was incorporated in the 19th century and is part of the Atlanta Metropolitan Area. It is accessible via U.S. Route 27 and features a Neva Lomason Memorial Library and the Carrollton Center for the Arts.

Overall, Carrollton is a good place to live. Its livability rating is above average. This rating is based on several variables, including crime, education, and cost of living. It also takes into account the happiness of residents. These factors are considered through sophisticated statistical models. A high livability rating is a good indicator of a good city.

Carrollton has a diverse population. Nearly half of the population is under the age of 18. The rest of the population is between 18 and 64. The city is home to about 3.3 people per household. The median age was 26 years old. In the 2010 census, males outnumbered females 88.7 to 1 per hundred for every 100 females. The median household size was 2.37 and the average family size was 3.3.