5 Best Personal Trainers in Fort Worth, TX 🥇

Below is a list of the best and leading personal trainers in Fort Worth, TX. To help you find the best personal trainers near you in Fort Worth, TX, we have compiled our own list this evaluation point list.

Fort Worth, TX’s Best Personal Trainers:

The top rated Personal Trainers in Fort Worth, TX are:

  • Future fitness training – helps you build the future body you want
  • Kai Marshall Personal Training – passionate about helping you live a healthy active lifestyle
  • The perfect workout – offers the fitness workout for all age groups
  • Fender’s fitness training – Offers training courses that are geared towards the customer’s goal
  • enduraLAB – inspires and lifts you and your fitness journey with a community

Future fitness training

Future fitness training in Fort Worth

With Future fitness trainingyour fitness future is within your reach. They help you build the better body you need or want. A healthy lifestyle with them will lead to changes in your life. With their certified personal trainers, they ensure that the training you have suits your preferences and lifestyle. In addition, it is a community based and private facility that respects your space and time. They believe it is up to you to start your fitness journey. Once you’ve decided to partner with them, the results are on the way.


In club training, online training, senior fitness, nutrition planning and personal training


Address: 1919 Golden Heights Rd # 100, Fort Worth, TX 76177

Phone: (817) 859 6771

Website: futurefitness.training


“Trey was a really nice and friendly trainer. At a time like this, people fear contact and interaction with one another. This speaks volumes about your coaches and their drive to improve and help others’ lives. The facility was also very clean and comfortable. “- Antoinette

Kai Marshall Personal Training

Wharf Marshall Personal Training in Fort Worth

Do you want to take your fitness and health to the next level? Then Kai Marshall is the right personal trainer for you. As a Fort Worth-based personal trainer, he is passionate about inspiring and helping people lead active and healthy lifestyles. With commitment and experience, he is always ready to support his customers on their fitness journey. In addition, he knows the struggle to deal with the worries and obstacles of his customers as he was before. Now he’s in a place that encourages and motivates you to reach your fitness goals.


Personal training and individual fitness program


Address: 227 N Rupert St, Fort Worth, TX 76107

Phone: (808) 640 1026

Website: fortworthtrained.com


“Kai is the best! I was lucky enough to find him when I moved into town. He was always prepared for challenging workouts that gave me great results. Unfortunately, I had to move out of town and haven’t been able to find such a good coach since then. If you live in FW and are looking for personal training, you can’t do better than Kai. “- Zack S.

The perfect workout

The perfect training in Fort Worth

If you are looking for the perfect workout designed for you, The perfect workout is the one you are looking for. Instead of wasting your time in the gym alone feeling unhealthy and frustrated, their trusted, certified personal trainers are ready to support your fitness lifestyle. They believe you deserve a better lifestyle enjoying your prime. In addition, they highlight that complicated and time-consuming training is not required to achieve improvement. What they offer you is the right method and accountability of your personal trainer to get results.


Personal training program, in-studio training and virtual training


Address: 4255 Bryant Irvin Rd Ste 206, Fort Worth, TX 76109

Phone: (844) 403 1120

Website: theperfectworkout.com


“I’ve been doing this training for two years. I have had amazing results in terms of muscle strength and tone. Additionally, I developed significant core strength that has eliminated my back pain and lower extremity pain. Kathryn is a great trainer and really works with me to tailor the exercises to my needs and get the most benefit. Love them and this innovative method !!!! ”- Phyllis N.

Fender’s fitness training

Fender's fitness training in Fort Worth

Fender’s fitness training is a personal training studio with its personal trainers who will help you lead a healthy lifestyle. The sessions are designed for you, with you and your fitness goals in mind. Each person has a unique body and goals, and they believe that your workouts should be unique too. In addition to physical training sessions, they also monitor your diet. They will help you manage your diet to ensure that your goals are met. The personal trainers look forward to helping you achieve your goals and working with you for your active lifestyle.


Personal training, personal trainer and personal training studio


Address: 5850 Kroger Dr # 130, Fort Worth, TX 76244

Phone: (817) 791 4920

Website: fendersfitnesstraining.com


“I’ve been training here for about 5 months and I’ve enjoyed all the training I’ve received. The workouts are tough for sure, but Josh (the trainer) also makes them fun so time flies by !! I’ve seen tremendous results and already achieved all of the goals I was hoping for when I signed up. Without Fender’s Fitness, I definitely couldn’t have achieved my fitness and health goals. “- Jared G.


enduraLAB in Fort Worth

Since 2011, enduraLAB is on a mission for the fitness and health world. They encourage you to workout smarter as you exercise and feel better while having fun. In addition, they will help you find your way around the trends and the vast world of health and fitness. With their help, they will ensure your life is better. They want you not to waste your time and money on programs that don’t give you results. Plus, when you work out with their personal trainers and programs that are tailored to you, you will become more productive and motivated. Get involved in your community and be ready for them!


Personal Training, Group Classes, Run Club, Jerk Club, Nutritional Coaching, Recovery Services, and Online Coaching


Address: 2816 Shamrock Ave # 120, Fort Worth, TX 76107

Phone: (817) 405 9522

Website: enduralab.com


“I cannot put into words how much I would recommend this gym. I’ve been to many other gyms and never stuck to them. The laboratory makes you want to actually train. The trainers are all positive attitudes and always give pointers during the group class on what is like a personal trainer with friends around you. Don’t be intimidated like me. The workouts are customizable at each level and you will see results quickly. As a side note, this is by far the cleanest, most COVID friendly gym you will find. A surgeon would appreciate its cleanliness. I highly recommend enduraLAB ”- Fernando S.


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