5 Best Shopping Centers in Fort Worth, Texas

Below is a list of the best and leading shopping centers in Fort Worth, Texas. To help you find the ideal Fort Worth mall for you, we’ve compiled our own list based on this review point list.

Fort Worth’s Best Malls:

The best and leading shopping centers in Fort Worth are:

  • Sundance Square – More than 35 square meters of shopping, dining and entertainment options
  • Fort Worth Stockyards Station – If you want to shop in an old wild west setting this place is for you
  • Hulen Mall – one of the oldest shopping centers in the city
  • Tangier outlets – Go here to buy your beloved branded clothes
  • Montgomery Plaza retail store – Shopping below the famous residential complex

Sundance Square

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Sundance Square is famous for its size. It covers more than 35 square blocks and has some history of the Wild West. The place – even the entire district – was named after the Sundance Kid, the famous partner of the outlaw Butch Cassidy. It is located on the north side of downtown Fort Worth and just steps from the Tarrant County Courthouse.

It offers extensive dining, shopping, and entertainment options. There are also inns and hotels where tourists can stay overnight. Patio dining is seen a lot here, even though it gets hot. The huge umbrellas of Sundance Square are the reason people are in the shade during the day. It looks like an urban blanket of the area. There is also a fountain as one of the most famous places in the area, but it is currently closed due to the pandemic. Parking is also free, although some require validation that you’ve made purchases in the area.


Shopping, eating, takeaway, delivery, entertainment, tourist destination, inns, hotels


Address: 425 Houston Street, Suite 250, Fort Worth, Texas 76102
Phone: (817) 222 1111
Website: sundancesquare.com


“Fort Worth dances with the rising sun, right here in this square. Fort Worth has a small downtown area, but it is very dignified. Sundance Square is the epicenter of the culture that Fort Worth represents. This area is artistic and is made more beautiful by the fountains that fill the air with joy. The huge rear umbrellas provide plenty of shade in both sun and rain. This place has seen several performances from famous and emerging stars. (ESPN also likes to come here). Coming Christmas, this place suddenly takes on a festive mood with a huge Christmas tree and lighting that resembles a similar square on New Year’s Eve. I am really happy to work in this area and enjoy the wonderful restaurants around the square. “- Chinmay Watve

Fort Worth Stockyards

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If you are looking for an authentic cowboy experience, go to Fort Worth Stockyards. Although this is a historic site, the shopping here isn’t bad as you can sample authentic leather from local shops and tanneries in these parts. You can also dress like a cowboy and stomp with your leather boot. The place can be a whole family affair. You can enjoy cowboy shows, rodeos, horses and be a cowboy yourself. The Fort Worth Stockyards has 4 restaurants, 13 bars, 35 shops and over 17 must-see attractions.


Shopping, eating, takeaway, delivery, entertainment, tourist destination, inns, hotels, bars, rodeo shows, animal attractions


Address: 131 E. Exchange Ave., Fort Worth, TX 76164
Phone: (817) 625 9715
Website: fortworthstockyards.com


“This place changes, but stays the same! I don’t know how else to describe it! On the day we left, they had rodeos and had a lot of vendors outside. In the middle of the station we came across a Wild West sketch! The actors were so great! “- KS

“There are many stores that sell western-style clothes and gift shops. It was also nice to see some of the history and the longhorns that were walking down the street. “- Samuel Ramirez

Hulen Mall

5 Best Malls - 3 in Fort Worth, Texas

Hulen Mall features unique stores in the market with alfresco dining and roadside pickup for restaurants. This is a mall where they are taking action to protect the planet. They are deeply committed to minimizing their impact on the planet and making a positive contribution to the communities our properties serve. They have a movie theater and event center inside but the events are being put on hold a bit due to the pandemic.

It is one of the oldest shopping malls in the city, where it opened on August 4th, 1977. The mall is named after the street it landed on. It is located on the southwest corner of Interstate 20 and Hulen Street on the southwest side of the DFW Metroplex.


Shopping, eating, takeaway, delivery, movies, bars, roadside pickup


Address: 4800 S Hulen Street, Fort Worth, TX 76132
Phone: (817) 294 1205
Website: hulenmall.com


“Is it wrong to love a mall? If so, my love for Hulen Mall is just wrong and I will learn to deal with it … whatever.

The Hulen Mall is a diverse shopping experience at its best. I’ve been coming to HM for far too many years to admit; Let’s just say the mall has been around for years and it just gets better and better every year.

The hotel is always clean, security is always available, the shops are always open, and the food court is wonderful.

The Hulen Mall is the place to be when you need an item or an entire closet.

Four stars for the Hulen Mall

Have fun shopping! “- Stan B.

Tangers outlets

5 Best Shopping Malls in Fort Worth, Texas -4

Tangier outlets is a mall mainly focused on branded clothing and designer goods. Here they offer great savings on goods from your favorite designer and brands directly from the manufacturer. There are Tanger outlets in both the US and Canada. With a total of over 32 shopping centers, they cover 12.0 million square meters and over 2,400 shops.


Shopping, Roadside Pickup, Delivery, Branded Clothing, Designer Clothing


Address: 15853 North Freeway, Fort Worth, TX 76177
Phone: (817) 464-5400 or (800) 406-4490
Website: tangeroutlet.com/fortworth


“A great outlet center as many are disappearing… This is a solid outlet center. The location is great, the shops are packed and there is plenty of space to walk around. There aren’t many additional amenities in this place, but it is filled with shops. Lots of parking spaces around the mall. At a time when outlet malls are closing, this seems to be strong. Right on the highway, next to a Buc-ee and a lot of food, the placement is good. While you could always have more stores, there are plenty. We visited several including Nike and I Love Candy. “- briangreer300

Montgomery Plaza retail store

5 Best Shopping Malls in Fort Worth, Texas - 5th

Proudly located in the heart of Fort Worth, the Montgomery Plaza is the luxury residential complex in Fort Worth. Yes, it is a condominium. However, the retail stores are on the ground floor. Just like what the mall has to offer, there are restaurants, clothing stores, retail stores, dental clinics, a salon, and much more.

Back then, what was originally a shop and catalog building in Montgomery Ward was fully built in 1928 and quickly became a nationally recognized architectural icon. The breathtaking beauty of the building and its sheer size make it the tallest building in Texas. It was converted into a condominium complex in 2004, where it is located today. It became the heart of the neighborhood as it is minutes from downtown Fort Worth, the Stockyards, Trinity Park, and the Cultural District.


Shopping, dining, dining, delivery, grocery, condo


Address: 2600 West 7th Street Fort Worth, TX 76107
Phone: (817) 733 4869
Website: montgomeryplaza.com


“I went to the Target Superstore to pick up my mother’s glasses. That took about 5 minutes. Very good customer service from Vera I think that’s her name. And Mark too, that helped me on a previous visit. Of course I did a little shopping. The young lady at the checkout counter at the checkout was great. She was very helpful and thoughtful. A total of…. Friendly, very clean, well stocked, great customer service. “- Nanette Thomas


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