AmeriCare Fort Worth Relocates to Better Service Their In-Home Care Clients in the Fort Worth Area – Press Release

Fort Worth, TX – ameriCARE is a family-run boutique franchise company that offers flexible, easy and personal care. The company’s team combines their own family’s expertise and the latest technology to expand their care circle.

Their mission is to promote independence and a desired lifestyle by providing an engaging care experience with dedicated and caring caregivers who improve aging at home. AmeriCARE caregivers are professionals who value their skills and receive ongoing, therapist-led training from ameriCARE to help them achieve their full potential.

ameriCARE is a personal care and personal care company home care services in Fort Worth. Regardless of customer needs, their carers assist customers with a range of tasks to ensure they feel fulfilled, safe, and autonomous. Hygiene assistance, medication reminders, meal preparation, exercise and relaxation, and light cleaning are some of the services available. Caregivers help clients wash, go to the bathroom, get dressed, brush their teeth, and other personal grooming activities. Her top priorities are discretion and integrity, and her main resources are compassion, respect, and expertise. AmeriCARE caregivers help clients stay healthy by taking a walk around the neighborhood or helping them with physical therapy exercises. In addition, their supervisors accompany customers to their appointments and, if necessary, forward all information to the family.

Lifestyle support treatment is available and their caregivers are ready to provide much-needed company for those home alone for extended periods of time. The caregivers provide community and fun to make life more comfortable, whether they’re playing games, watching movies, or eating together. Having a friend to share your daily activities with can help you lead fulfilling lives and help seniors and other people with disabilities or illnesses do daily chores effectively. Customer carers can also help them read a book, open or read mail, sort documents, or send invoices and letters.

AmeriCARE nurses help with rehabilitation by offering personalized treatment when the client recovers from surgery. Simple daily tasks like grooming, bathing, washing, shopping, and preparing meals can become virtually impossible without help. Adults of all ages get all of these benefits and more at ameriCARE Fort Worth while they recover from surgery.

In addition, the nurses ensure that customers receive the appropriate amount of medication as directed. AmeriCARE Fort Worth caregivers will step in to help clients relax, work, or spend time with family and friends. Their nursing program gives caregivers the time they need to gain new perspective, improve their mindset, and achieve a healthier work-life balance. They also have hospital meeting services. Click here for more informations.

ameriCARE Fort Worth offers home care. The company is located at 2100 North Main Street, Suite 226, Fort Worth, Texas 76164 in the Vinnedge Building. Contact them by phone at (817) 349-9075 or Visit their website for more informations.

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Company Name: AmeriCARE Fort Worth
Interlocutor: Clayton Smith
E-mail: Send e-mail
Phone: (817) 349-9075
Address:2100 North Main Street, Suite 226
City: Fort Worth
Status: TX
Country: United States

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