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by Doug Dunbar | CBS 11

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – On a recent sunny Saturday, a local car show was buzzing.

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Almost two dozen cars, and none of them used a drop of gasoline.


They all drove fully electric vehicles. Just a battery powered motor to push them down the street.

We’ve spoken to some people who are knowledgeable about electric cars and one of the elements they absolutely love is instant power.

Lloyd McMaster has been a Tesla owner for a number of years, and for him it’s not just the style, but the power behind the look as well.

He told me if you want to go you step on the pedal and you really go!

If you stick to the electric vehicle crowd, you will find an energy that will create what is perhaps the greatest change the auto industry has ever seen.

The dashboards are often pretty mind-blowing, as is the amount of money an owner could save.

One owner told me he could drive a thousand miles, which is about four dollars in electricity.

Fort Worth-based Buzz Smith, who describes himself as an EV angelist, is a retired gas and oil man who got caught up in the electric revolution nearly a decade ago.

He’s also sold cars for a living, and he says it’s a whole new world when it comes to maintenance. In fully electric vehicles there is no oil change, no spark plugs, no transmission fluid. The brakes I was told basically last forever

With Toyota’s less-than-flashy hybrid Prius in 1997, it started running cheaper and taking the environment seriously.

Let’s face it, a lot of people weren’t excited about the way it looked, but it was a popular car that led us into the future.

About three years after Prius, Elon Musk and Tesla activated the electronics market in terms of looks and battery technology.

This great looking car and the ones that were made up for Tesla came at a hefty price point, and this is where Nissan stepped in to round off an affordable side of all electronics.

They put the paper on the market, and soon after that Chevy was here with the bolt. Both are still selling well today.

So many wonder about charging. The basics?

You can charge at home from the same wall outlet that you use for your phone.

On this charge, you will get about four miles per hour on the batteries.

Install a 220 outlet like you would use for your dryer and charge your vehicle four times faster at home.

As for charging stations across the country, Tesla owner Lloyd McMaster told me that Tesla is basically recording locations on the same map that they need to stop to get power on, on the same map they navigate where you go. He says there is no fear of driving across the country.

For manufacturers, the only fear now is being left behind in the all-electric revolution.

The list of manufacturers coming out or already on the market is incredible.

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Cadillac will introduce the sleek, all-electric Lyriq next year.

Volvo has the xc 40 and promises to be 100% electric or hybrid by 2025.

Jaguar is already selling the i-Pace.

Volkswagen has the Id4 and an ambitious goal of all electric by 2026!

Kia is completely electric with stainless steel.

Hyundai has the Kona.

Audi will soon have its e-tron.

Honda’s electric “clarity” is in the market, along with the just announced promise to be fully electric by 2040.

Mercedes has just presented its first fully electric. The * EQS * will arrive at dealerships later this year.

And Ford has established itself in the EV market with its Mustang Mach E.

When you take an electric vehicle test drive, you will immediately notice two things, regardless of the price.

The first is silence. The quietest thing you’ll ever drive. Second is the crazy acceleration.

I drove the Ford Mustang Mach E for a couple of days and the acceleration was like nothing I had ever been in before.

Mustang Mach E (CBS 11)

It was my first time in a fully electric vehicle.

The reason for this incredible acceleration, Buzz Smith told me, is the fact that the electric motor immediately transfers 100% torque to the wheels. There is no delay.

GM has promised to go fully electric by 2035. Huge promise and commitment. Your new truck is still months away from entering the market.

You’ll come out with the Hummer pick-up truck and Buzz says the truck will accelerate to zero to 60 mph in just 3 seconds!

But watch out for the popular Ford F-150. They have an all-electric F-150 that is coming into their showrooms next year.

But other trucks will soon be competing for attention in the EV market.

Rivian is aiming to push out his r1t truck this summer.

And Lordstown, Ohio plans to bring its endurance truck to market soon.

The Tesla Cybertruck is on the way, as is the very tactical-looking Bollinger B1 and B2.

Buzz believes the tidal wave of battery-powered cars taking over the streets as we speak is increasing, but he believes sales of some of the most popular vehicles we drive in America could tip the industry forever once EV trucks hit come the market.

As of this point, the federal government is offering a $ 7,500 tax credit towards the purchase of an all-electric vehicle.

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The state of Texas also has a rebate program, but is not currently accepting new applications.

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