Beloved Clearfork Food Park shuts down in Fort Worth

On the weekend, the popular foodie spot between University Drive and Trinity Trails celebrated its last hurray.

FORT WORTH, Texas – Without the exposure and non-stop crowds at Clearfork Food Park, the owners of Coco Shrimp aren’t sure where their popular restaurant on wheels would be these days.

“People keep asking, ‘Are you going to be on Clearkfork?’ It’s in the middle of it all, “said Jordan Barrus, one of Coco’s owners.

At the weekend, the last hurray took place in the popular park for foodies between University Drive and the Trinity Trails.

“It’s a shame,” said Isaac Hadley, who owns Coco. “When we started there a few years ago, we were just overwhelmed. Lines like you wouldn’t believe it.”

Park operator Chuck Briant said on Monday by phone that they learned last month that their lease on the riverside land would not be renewed. The property recently changed hands. “It’s valuable land,” he said. “We had weddings out here, food trucks […] just a lot going on. “

He said their Fort Worth Food Park, which is closer to the popular West 7th Street corridor, is still going strong. But many cowtowners freely admit that the food bug in Clearfork is “bug”.

Jeanette Frank also picked up a husband here. “My husband suggested what was really special to me out here,” she said. Aside from that, the couple regularly used the park as a hangout for social running events, a group they originally started.

“It’s bittersweet because of our connection to this place,” said Frank. She said many joggers come in rain, sunshine or snow and often enjoy a quick meal as well.

The mother of two hopes, whatever comes next, does not completely change the family and the free atmosphere of the depicted park. “It’s one of the last places you can just stop and jump out of your car and run,” she said.

Coco now operates local breweries on special occasions and also has a permanent trucking location on Basswood Boulevard in north Fort Worth.

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