Best BBQ spots in Dallas-Fort Worth: Smoke Sessions

After years in a grocery trailer, Chad Sessions and wife Jessica opened a new store last month. And it’s a different breed, literally.

ROYSE CITY, Texas – There are five major food groups in Texas: crickets and four more. There are great barbecues everywhere you look, but where are the best places that you haven’t seen before?

One of them is in Royse City.

Smoke Sessions is one of the best new BBQ spots in the state, and we’re not just saying that.

“They were amazing when we put them on our best new grill list in 2019, and they just keep getting better,” said Daniel Vaughn, grill editor at Texas Monthly. “Sure to get bigger.”

“The demand was there to build a restaurant this size,” said Chad Sessions, owner of Smoke Sessions.

Sessions did not intend to become a Pitmaster, but fell into it after a divine barbecue experience.

He and his wife lived in San Marcos and worked for the Little Caesar corporate office when he traveled to Lockhart and ordered a heavenly barbecue at Smitty’s Market.

“It changed my life and I started getting really interested in how to smoke meat,” said Sessions.

He began perfecting the craft and eventually gained a following.

After a few years in a trailer, Sessions opened a beautiful 5,000-square-foot building last month. More and more people are showing up because the grilling stays with you so well.

“You go home and stink of well-smoked meat. If you do it for 4 or 5 years, your wife will start complaining, ”joked Sessions.

That’s just the sweet smell of success, but what makes Smoke Sessions so great?

“At Smoke Sessions, you’re going to love the ribs and the brisket, but get the sausage,” Vaughn said.

The sausage is made in-house. Pretty much everything is made in-house.

“Anything we bring out there to serve, we do from scratch,” said Sessions.

According to Vaughn, the Smoke Sessions chestpiece is as good as it gets, and the ribs are a different breed.

Literally. Sessions uses Duroc, another, tastier breed of pig.

Something that was really surprising to Vaughn, a man who focuses on great meat, was the drinks that Sessions served.

“The cocktail program was one of the things that I was really surprised about,” said Vaughn.

Overall, Smoke Sessions put together a menu that not only had people waiting at the door, but Texas’ top 50 list too.

“It’s very stunning. My wife, I and everyone have been blessed, ”Sessions said.

Smoke Sessions is located at 307 Hwy 66 in Royse City. It is open Tuesday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday from 11am to midnight; and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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