Best restaurants near Fort Worth’s Hulen Mall, and top salads

Looking for local restaurants near the mall

Hey buddy! What do you recommend near the non-chain Hulen Mall?

– JoAnn, Fort Worth

That’s easy. Bonnell’s for the bison fillet. Or Rufus Bar & Grill in Cityview for chicken steaks, home-style cooking and barbecues. For something different, Sushi Tao or Thai Select.

IMG_6344.jpg A typical selection of salads at the Local Foods Kitchen in Fort Worth. Bud Kennedy [email protected]

Local food cuisine for salads

Hey buddy! I just read that 40% of Americans gained significant weight during the pandemic. What about a list of the best salads?

– Scott, Fort Worth

Everyone is talking about salads, but these lists aren’t well read. Local Foods Kitchen, 4548 Hartwood Drive, has probably the best selection. (But I like the old salads like cattlemen’s with the sesame parmesan dressing or the old mac’s house salad that is now served at Michaels Cuisine.)

IMG-0448.jpg Roger Miller, around 1955. Colin Escott Photo Colin Escott PBS

PoFolks, but not Roger’s kind

Hey buddy! Please tell me i’m not crazy Didn’t singer Roger Miller have a restaurant on the Brown Trail called Po Boys?

– Patti, Hurst

The South Carolina PoFolks chain opened restaurants here in the mid-1980s, including one on 1319 Brown Trail in Bedford, which is now a fraternal hall. Miller, born in Fort Worth, is an uncredited writer on the country song “Po ‘Folks,” but I can’t find a connection.

Columnist Bud Kennedy is a Fort Worth man who covered high school soccer at age 16 and attended two Super Bowls, seven political conventions, and 15 legislative sessions in Texas. Since 1985, he has also written more than 2,000 “Eats Beat” columns on restaurants, dining and eating in Texas.

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