Bird-themed restaurant in Fort Worth’s Sundance Square flies away

After seven years, a restaurant in downtown Fort Worth gives up: Bird cafe, on the edge of Sundance Square Plaza, will close on May 22nd.

In a press release, owner Shannon Wynne blames the coronavirus for the closure.

“With the shutdown caused by Covid-19, it was impossible for us to work economically and we decided to close it permanently,” he says.

They invite the guests to dine one last time at a capacity of 25 percent or on the terrace, “while our inventory lasts,” he says.

Wynne recalls the founding of the restaurant when he was approached by Johnny Campbell on behalf of the Bass family to come up with a gourmet concept for the historic land and title building that he called “one of the most important and best-preserved Victorian commercial buildings in “denotes Fort Worth. “

“It used to house our Flying Saucer Draft Emporium concept, and the space would be available when The Saucer moved to the old 8.0 bar area in East Third,” says Wynne. “Sundance was about to build the plaza on the square and the land title building was to be kept to accommodate a new exciting project.”

He says the 1889 floor plan was challenging to design. “As a turn-of-the-century representative, I wanted to bring together the history of the cattle and oil dynasties that were soon to emerge in Fort Worth. I would design them to represent a place people might have gone back then to get a good meal.” strongly masculine, but with feminine sophistication. “

“Feminine refinement” – one can only wonder what that could be.

The restaurant had an abundance of bird-themed art including an installation of the Birds of Texas portfolio by twins Stuart and Scott Gentling, inspired by famed artist John James Audubon.

All in vain.

“We’ve worked hard for the past seven years to evolve the Bird, but this pandemic is more than a cooking-oriented concept of how we could handle it,” says Wynne. “We will miss the building very much and thank Johnny Campbell, Bill Boecker and Ed Bass for giving us a chance.”

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