Bottled Blonde Backyard Begins Construction In Fort Worth

LGE Design Build ‘

Under construction: New restaurant / bar in Fort Worth

DALLAS (March 17, 2021) – LGE Design Build, a full-service general contractor with an in-house architectural firm, announced that they have recently started construction on the Bottled Blonde Backyard in Fort Worth, Texas.

Bottled Blonde and Backyard’s restaurant and nightclub concept is located on 1000 Foch Street on the southwest corner of Foch Street and Morton Street, immediately south of West 7th Street. It will join several other local popular Fort Worth restaurants and bars.

This is Bottled Blonde’s third Texas location to be completed by LGE Design Build, in addition to the existing locations in Dallas and Houston. The remodeling of the existing building will house The Backyard, while the complementary concept, Bottled Blonde, will be housed in a new building structure next door on the same lot within the same development, making this project unique compared to others in the area.

Upon completion, the project will total 28,4723 square feet, with Bottled Blonde being 9,117 square feet and Backyard being 12,600 square feet. The completion date is planned for the end of 2021.

Opening at the end of 2021

In addition to its partnership in Texas, LGE Design Build has partnered with the Evening Entertainment Group in other locations, including the original Bottled Blonde location in Scottsdale, Arizona. Taylor Mitcham, LGE Design Build Project Leader, said, “We are very excited to continue our partnership with the Evening Entertainment Group to help them bring their concept to the city of Fort Worth. “

Bottled Blonde is a casual neighborhood hotspot for pizza and upscale bites. Bottled Blonde has games, outdoor seating, and craft beers in addition to The Backyard. After dark, Bottled Blonde and Backyard host energetic events and offer their guests a nightclub atmosphere.

Taylor added, “We love the Seventh Street area of ​​Fort Worth. As it continues to grow, we see long-term potential in this restaurant / bar location. “



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