Buffalo’s finest Mediterranean concept makes Texas debut in Fort Worth

A family-run restaurant concept from upstate New York brings its carefully prepared Mediterranean dishes to Fort Worth: Called Rachel’s Mediterranean GrillIt’s a quick-casual place that serves Greek and Lebanese dishes, and it’s opening its first location in Texas.

Rachel’s Operations Manager Brandon Guzda confirms that the Fort Worth location is at 2801 Heritage Trace Pkwy. It will open with the aim of opening in the fall. They are going into Phase II of the Victory Shops at Heritage, where they will be neighbors to bustling centers like The Citadel and Presidio Town Crossing.

Rachel’s was founded in Buffalo in 2006 and started out as a neighborhood cafe owned by brothers Joseph and Gene Khoury. Mostly in response to demand for their food, they grew to 12 locations, 10 in western New York.

They have seven more in the works, including the one in Fort Worth, which Guzda said has a special history.

“We are family owned and operated,” he says. “But we had a colleague who used to live in the Buffalo area and worked for us for almost six years. He moved to Fort Worth and missed Rachel’s and thought there might be a market for what we do. We watch you a lot high value quality. “

With the expansion, they have changed their model for new locations from cafe style to fast casual service.

They offer customizable wraps, bowls, and salads made with classic ingredients like chicken kebab, steak souvlaki, gyro, and falafel.

They take a Chipotle-like approach where you pick a base and then add your ingredients.

Basic options include a salad, rice bowl, or pita wrap. To do this, add your protein option, then toppings like vegetables, cheese, and sauce.

Proteins include Greek marinated chicken, fillet steak from the charcoal grill, chicken doner from the charcoal grill, hand-carved gyro meat, falafel or grilled vegetables.

Vegetables include onions, red pepper, tomatoes, pitted kalamata olives, red onions, green pepper, tomatoes, cucumber, and feta cheese.

Six sauces include house greek, dill, tzatziki, tahini, garlic, and red hot sauce.

The bestseller is the chicken souvlaki wrap in a baked Greek pita.

Sides include french fries, rice, and hummus with pita. The fries are freshly cut and can be ordered the normal or Greek style with melted feta cheese.

It’s quick, good, and affordable, from $ 9.75 to $ 11.95 depending on your protein choices.

In a classic northeastern fashion, Guzda doesn’t waste words bragging about how good their food and service are, but rather saying that they are excited about getting to Texas.

“We took a look at the area and the market as a whole and it spoke for itself – we’re excited,” he says.


Stephanie Allmon Merry contributed to this story.

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