Christmas cocktail popup from New York camps out at new Fort Worth bar

A festive New York holiday tradition with cocktails is in town: the Christmas pop-up bar wonder Debuts in Fort Worth, one of 90 destinations in the US

Miracle takes over existing bars and turns them into a temporary Christmas bar with a festive decor serving holiday-themed drinks.

In Fort Worth, it has taken over Nickel City, which just opened in October.

“Merry Merry! Happy Happy! It’s a miracle in Nickel City!” says Nickel City Fort Worth on Facebook. “We’ve spent more time than we’d like to admit turning our entire bar into the hottest, funniest escape from reality we could dream of.

The idea for this annual acquisition was developed in 2014 by New Yorker Greg Boehm, who owns a cash supply company called Cocktail Kingdom.

In a statement, Böhm admits that the mood will be different in 2020.

“It’s been a tough year for everyone, no doubt, and our industry has been hit hard, so some holiday cheer is in order,” said Boehm. “We feel incredibly lucky to welcome back so many of our dedicated partner locations and even welcome new ones around the world, with the safety and enjoyment of our guests our top priority.”

Select locations offer takeaway cocktails and, where possible, outdoor seating areas are set up for social distancing. (Note that Nickel City sells groceries from an on-site food truck called The Delray Café, so it can stay open during the current COVID-19 bar closings in Fort Worth.)

Joann Spiegel’s cocktails use holiday flavors and are served in playful cups and glassware from the Bohemian supply store, which they also sell.

The new cocktails for 2020 include:

  • Jolly Koala with gin, vermouth and pine-cardamom-saga Cordial

  • Dasher with bourbon, mezcal, sweet wormwood, spiced hibiscus, burlesque bitters and lemon

  • Fruitcake Flip with Brandy, Jamaican Overproof Rum, Amaretto, Fruitcake, Cherry Bitters and a whole egg

The popup runs until the end of the year. In addition to Fort Worth, there are the following bars in Texas:

  • Dallas: Miracles at Royal 38

  • Austin: Miracles on 5th Street (in the Eleanor by The Roosevelt Room)

  • Houston: Miracles at Johnny (at Johnny’s Gold Brick)

  • Waco: Miracles on Austin Ave (at Dichotomy Coffee & Spirits)

There’s also a Tiki-themed pop-up called Sippin Santa that’s happening in just 25 cities in the US, including Dallas and Austin. (It hit Houston before, but not this year.)

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