City of Fort Worth finds perfect use for former Pier 1 building

The city of Fort Worth has found the perfect solution for the former Pier 1 in the city center: a new town hall.

According to a press release, the city will purchase the Pier 1 building at 100 Energy Way, replacing the current City Hall at 200 Texas St.

There were already plans to build a new town hall next to the current one, but the city decided that buying the Pier 1 building would be cheaper.

“As we have started planning the renovation of the town hall, the cost savings from buying this building are just too high to miss,” Mayor Betsy Price said in a statement. “This is a prudent financial decision.”

The city estimated the purchase would save tens of millions of dollars. The cost of the new building was $ 200 million. The purchase is expected to be completed in February 2021 and move in will take place in 2022, which is earlier than if a new building had been built.

“The new location at City Hall offers unique opportunities as the city of Fort Worth has grown exponentially since the current facility was built in 1971,” the press release said. The town hall currently employs 600 people.

The new building will provide additional space and better efficiency by bringing services together in one place, city manager David Cooke said in a statement.

“While buying an existing property was not part of the city’s original plan, purchasing this property provides a solution to the city’s housing needs sooner without new construction and will save taxpayers for years to come,” Cooke said.

The current town hall is being converted into another community hall.

The Pier 1 structure was built in 2004 and was once also the headquarters of Chesapeake Energy. Pier 1 filed for bankruptcy in May.

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