Cocktail and pizza patio debuts in buzzy upcoming Fort Worth district

A new craft cocktail bar and a gourmet pizza concept will soon open in an up-and-coming district on the south side of the city not far from the TCU. Called Chimney 1948It’s an all-in-one bar / food trailer / live music venue that takes inspiration from Austin’s sociable outdoor food truck parks.

It will be on Stanley Ave. in December. Opened in 2836 in a former industrial area that is now in full development.

Smokestack comes from Fort Worth’s Carter Froman, a longtime chef and entrepreneur who recently opened a drive-thru coffee shop called Carter’s Coffee in the same area.

“I’ve worked in Austin and Denver for the past few years, in some really cool restaurants and food trucks,” says Froman. “I wanted to bring some of these experiences to Fort Worth.”

Smokestack 1948 will consist of two converted buildings, an outdoor courtyard, and a food trailer serving gourmet pizza and sandwiches.

The main building will be a sports bar with big screen TVs, canned and tapped beers, wine and cocktails. The exterior walls are adorned with a mural by Fort Worth artist Kristen Soble.

The smaller building will serve as a lounge with a cozy, relaxed atmosphere and craft cocktails.

“We will use all fresh ingredients for the drinks, right down to the squeezing of our own citrus fruits,” says Froman.

Between the two buildings there is an inner courtyard with garden furniture, garden games, a children’s area and a stage for live music.

“Due to the developments in COVID, we attach great importance to the outdoor area,” says Froman. “There will be a lot of leeway for social distance. We want to be smart and offer a place where people feel comfortable, a room with lots of fresh air.”

Culinary team

Froman has put together an A-list team for kitchen and drinks. Sur Easley, former Beverage Director and Assistant Manager at Branch & Bird, will oversee the bar operations. Bird Café alum Amber Davidson becomes head bartender.

The head chef will be Edward Gutierrez, a native of Fort Worther who was trained in Paris by master pastry chef Laurent Duchêne. Gutierrez was the head chef at The Bearded Lady and Wild Mushroom and is a former instructor at the Culinary School in Fort Worth.

Gutierrez will also oversee the Smokestack’s on-site food trailer 817 Pizza, which serves sandwiches and pan-fried pizzas with a Texan twist. Pizzas are included

  • Barbecue pie with barbecue sauce and smoked brisket

  • Frito pie pizza with frito corn chips, chilli spices, sour cream and grilled sausage

  • Vegetable cake with mushrooms and spring onions

Gutierrez says the pizza dough is made in-house and that they will also make their own bread and brioche buns for sandwiches.


The name of the concept refers to the year the smaller building, which was once used as an office and warehouse, was built.

“The building we use as a cocktail lounge was built in 1948 from bricks that came from a burnt factory chimney,” says Froman.

The larger building was once an ice house. “You can still see the sliding metal rails on the gables,” says Froman. “We wanted to keep as much character and story as possible.”

Smokestack 1948 is located in Frisco Heights Addition, where an extensive refurbishment took place last year. Across the street are new apartments and townhouses. Less than a block away is District 90, an up and coming retail and restaurant development made up of four converted industrial buildings.

Splinter’s Axes & Ales, an ax throwing venue serving craft beer and wine, opened in development in October by Fort Worth couple Brian and Jonette Phegley. More restaurants and retailers are expected in 2021.

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