COVID-19 Registration Events Continue in Fort Worth, as City Looks for More Vaccine Site Workers – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

More support at COVID-19 vaccination sites is needed as Fort Worth officials seek more temporary workers for staff locations, the city said.

“As additional allocations of COVID-19 vaccines arrived in Tarrant County, the city grew rapidly to recruit temporary workers necessary to efficiently get thousands of patients through the vaccination process. At the end of March, more than 130 job vacancies were expanded to include temporary workers to fill COVID-19 clinics in Farrington Field and the Bob Bolen Public Safety Complex, ”the city wrote in a newsletter. “Now additional assistants are needed at the vaccination site.”

Duties expected of vaccination center assistants include screening people, reviewing answers to health questions, reviewing patient informed consent, preparing vaccination cards, and manning the patient observation area.

According to the Texas Department of Health, more than 1.9 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine will be shipped to vendors across Texas next week. The state’s allotment sheet shows that more than 15,000 first doses are going to Tarrant County’s hub providers.

A series of vaccine registration events began in Fort Worth in March and will last through mid-May. The last event took place on the Trinity River Campus East of Tarrant County College on Belknap Street on Saturday.

There was little traffic on the site on Saturday, according to Roderick Miles, but nearly 200 people have registered since the events began in March. Miles is a senior administrator overseeing programs and outreach initiatives for Roy Brooks, District 1 District Commissioner.

“The county is really pushing for people to be vaccinated and registered so we can get back to a sense of normality. So there is a renewed sense of urgency,” Brooks said. “One of the things I’ve learned is that in order to have additional vaccination sites we need to increase the number of people vaccinated so they can justify that these sites are actually up and running and that the staff are running these facilities.”

The website on Saturday offered support in English and Spanish to help overcome language barriers. Michelle Polemeni was one of the volunteers who offered help in both languages.

“The higher rates were seen among African-American and Hispanic-Americans,” Polemeni said, referring to the infection rate. “That’s why we want people to register to get the vaccine.”

Upcoming Fort Worth vaccination registries include:

  • April 19th to 15th: Como First Missionary Baptist Church: 5228 Goodman Ave., Fort Worth, Tx. 76107
  • April 24th to 11th from 2pm to 2pm: Los Pastores Panaderia: 3812 E. Rosedale St., Fort Worth, Tx. 76105
  • April 26th to 15th: Great Commission Baptist Church: 7700 McCart Ave., Fort Worth, Tx., 76133
  • May 3rd to 15th: Baker’s Chapel AME: 1050 E. Humbolt St., Fort Worth, Tx. 76104
  • May 8th to 11th from 2pm to 2pm: El Rio Grande Supermarket: 3037 South Freeway, Fort Worth, Tx. 76104
  • May 10th to 15th: First St. John Cathedral: 2401 E. Berry St., Fort Worth, Tx. 76105
  • May 15th – still outstanding: Fiesta Mart: 4245 E. Berry St., Fort Worth, Tx. 76105

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