Crain announces for District 3 Fort Worth council

Michael D. Crain, Partner at Norther Crain Realty and District 3 City Council director Brian Byrd, announced on Jan. 12 that he is a candidate for the seat Byrd is cascading to run for Mayor of Fort Worth . Crain posted his announcement on Facebook.

District 3 extends south from the TCU campus to Mira Vista and west to the Walsh Ranch development. Crain has been a district director at Byrd for four years.

Crain said in the publication that he had been asked over the years if he wanted to run for public office and that he could possibly achieve more without being “in public crosshairs.”

“However, I have also said that if it were the right place, the right time and I was the right person for the job, I would not shy away from an opportunity to serve,” said Crain.

“Today I am proud to announce that Fort Worth is the right place and the time is right for me to locate District 3 on the Fort Worth City Council,” said Crain. “We face major challenges in the months ahead as our city continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, coupled with the ongoing problems of COVID and its impact on our economic recovery.”

Crain is a former chief of staff at the US Embassy in Beijing in the administration of President George W. Bush and has also served as an international trade advisor.

His announcement said he had also worked at the local, state, and federal levels, including for former Fort Worth Mayor Kenneth Barr and former U.S. Representative Pete Geren, R-Fort Worth, as well as the current U.S. Rep. Kay Granger, R-Fort Worth.

He is a board member of Fort Worth Sister Cities International, LVT Rise, the Fort Worth Food & Wine Festival, the largest gift catalog of all time, and the Texas Lyceum.

Crain and his wife Joanna founded Foodie Philanthropy. This organization works with local restaurants to raise funds for local nonprofits.

“As District 3 city councilor, I would like to continue working to lower property taxes, increase public safety, meet critical city infrastructure needs, strengthen our neighborhoods and create economic development opportunities across the city,” Crain said in the announcement .

“These are my promises to you. Will I have all the answers? No. Will I rely on you, the citizen, for input and guidance? Sure. That’s how a democracy works, ”said Crain. Crain received a Bachelor of Arts in Business and Management from Texas A&M University, a Master of Business Administration from Rutgers Business School, New Jerzy, and a law degree from Texas Wesleyan University School of Law, now the Texas A & M School of Law.

Joanna Crain is the Regional Director of Development in IDEA Public Schools. The Crains live in the Tanglewood area of ​​Fort Worth and have two 12-year-old twins, Mackaylee and Mackenzie, who attend Trinity Valley School and 5-year-old Ainsley, who attend Overton Park Elementary. You are a member of 7 City Church in West Lancaster.

Crain was named Philanthropist of the Year for Foodie Philanthropy by the Fort Worth Business in 2018.

Crain also operated the now closed MidiCi Pizza in the area of ​​the left bank.

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