Dallas County Prosecutor Disbarred for Withholding Evidence After 2 Men Cleared of Capital Murder Charges – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

A former Dallas County attorney surrendered his legal license after the Texas Attorney’s Office said he had withheld evidence leading to two men being wrongly convicted of the murder of a South Dallas pastor, the Dallas Morning News reported .

Richard “Rick” E. Jackson was disfellowshipped last month, according to the Dallas Morning News report.

Prosecutors concluded that Jackson failed to inform Dennis Allen and Stanley Mozee’s defense attorneys of any evidence they could have resolved during their 2000 murder trials, the Dallas Morning News reported.

As a result, the courts said Allen and Mozee wrongly spent 14 years in prison for murdering Rev. Jesse Borns Jr., who was killed in 1999.

“This case is not about someone disfellowshipped for a mistake or a prosecutor who accidentally or even sloppily failed to produce favorable evidence,” said Nina Morrison, an attorney with the Innocence Project in New York who worked on it , Allen and Mozee to vacate the Dallas Morning News.

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