Dallas-Fort Worth homes selling 3 weeks faster than a year ago

The number of days homes spend in the market has decreased in the state’s major real estate markets.

DALLAS – When you’re in the market to buy a house: Tick-tock. Real estate goes very quickly. Houses are selling at record speed in many places.

Realtor.com released this data which shows the median number of market days for some of the larger Texas markets:

  • Austin: 18 days
  • Dallas-Fort Worth: 28 days
  • Houston: 40 days
  • San Antonio: 37 days

Now look at how that mean number of days has changed over the past year:

  • Austin: -25 days
  • Dallas-Fort Worth: -22 days
  • Houston: -15 days
  • San Antonio: -21 days

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Texas lawmakers are filing a bill to eliminate Texas property taxes

While we’re on the subject of housing, a Texas legislature is pushing for a bill to get rid of property taxes. Republican Rep. James White says Texas propertyowners have taken on too much of a burden for too long.

He stands behind laws that would eliminate property taxes and replace them with a consumption tax. Rep. White explains his plan in the latest episode of our Yallitics Texas Political Podcast.

Click here to listen or download this episode wherever you get your podcasts.

Program to assist low-income homeowners in Dallas with repairing winter storm damage

Dallas has a program in place to help low-income homeowners who are still suffering damage from the major winter storm that wreaked havoc in February. If you qualify, you can get repair assistance of up to $ 10,000.

Click here to learn more and apply.

Texas February Winter Storm $ 2.8 Billion Insurance Claims (and Exp)

This winter storm has so far generated $ 2.8 billion in damages. The Texas Insurance Council had predicted this could be the largest insured loss in the state’s history.

Since claims are still being received, the winter storm with Hurricane Rita from 2005 moved into fourth place in the top 10 of the Texas Loss Events (see page 6 here).

It seems unlikely to make it to the top. The two main loss events were Hurricane Harvey 2017 (US $ 20 billion) and Hurricane Ike 2008 (US $ 12 billion).

Help comes for battered food and beverage stores

Aid has finally arrived for the food and beverage industry brutalized by the pandemic. The Restaurant Revitalization Fund, which is part of the latest COVID-19 aid package, is now accepting grant applications.

$ 28.6 billion goes into restaurants, food trucks, caterers, bars, etc. It is estimated that Texas lost about 11,000 restaurants in the last year.

And many more have problems, so this will be like a heap of comfort food to an industry hungry for help. Read more here.

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