Driver Able To Pull Over After Being Struck In I-35W Pileup Pulled 1 Person To Safety, Couldn’t Save Other – CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Six people were killed and dozens more injured as they piled up on I-35W in Fort Worth Thursday morning.

Motorists who got to work early said conditions on the freeway appeared fine until they neared 28th Street.

“Right on that bridge over the Trinity River, and it’s just mass pandemonium on my side of the street,” said Ryan Chaney, who was driving the regular lanes of I-35W.

He says he was hit by a car sliding on the ice and stopped near the guardrail.

As he spoke to the people in the other car, he saw the beginning of a wreck with 133 cars in the toll lanes.

“I heard a car hit the barrier and it made me jump,” said Chaney. “And then another car hit this car and then a tractor-trailer. You could hear people screaming, and a second later their screams are muffled by another crash. “

Chaney says he started looking for people trapped in their cars and even broke an SUV window to get a driver to safety.

But he’s haunted by the woman he couldn’t reach before a Fed ex-truck crashed on the pile.

“I saw the truck come up in the air,” he said. “There’s a truck to my right and I dove under the trailer. She was knocked down to death by the vehicles that fell on her. “

A total of 65 people, all adults, were injured in the crash, including a large number of frontline health workers who started their shifts at Fort Worth hospitals.

“Which, to be completely honest, made it a little more stressful for us because in those cases our people would know these people,” said MedStar’s Matt Zavadsky.

Those who survived the massive pile are still processing what happened.

“Everyone around my little section went away,” said Michael Howard, who said he deliberately crashed his truck into the guardrail to reduce the impact on others. “Everyone was shocked, but everyone left. This is great because you never know. “

His life is just one of the many lives that the terrible scene changed forever.

“This pain is just amazing,” said Betsy Price, Fort Worth mayor. “This whole community will feel this pain. They need your love They need your prayers to keep this up. “

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