Facebook is planning more construction at its massive Fort Worth data center

Facebook is planning another expansion of its huge data center in North Fort Worth.

The first two buildings on the $ 1 billion project on State Highway 170 in the AllianceTexas development opened in 2017.

Since then, Facebook has tacitly expanded the 150-acre high-tech campus.

The buildings house the largest concentration of computing power in the country.

Now Facebook has submitted plans to the state for even more construction work on the website.

The Fort Worth 4 data center project at 4500 Like Way includes more than 277,000 square feet of underground work and construction site facilities.

Sheehan Nagle Hartray Architects from Chicago, who oversaw other Facebook data centers, is designing the North Fort Worth project.

According to the documents submitted to the state, construction should not be completed until 2022.

Facebook’s data centers are the size of shopping malls, with buildings housing several acres of computer servers and the equipment required to power, cool, and operate them 24/7.

North Texas is one of the largest data center markets in the country.

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