Fido’s Chicken Lollies Seized by Customs at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

A shipment of chicken-flavored lollipops bound for Texas was seized by U.S. Customs and Border Protection at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport last week.

The CBP said agricultural specialists working at the airport “intercepted a shipment of banned and restricted pet treats” on April 14, which were listed as men’s sweaters on a manifesto.

According to CBP, the program contained no sweaters, but 93 chicken-flavored lollipops and rawhide stems. The pet treats were shipped from Hong Kong to Highland, Texas, the CBP said.

“Consumers are unaware that some international goods and products are prohibited or restricted due to the potential agricultural or biological risks associated with this product,” said Tim Lemaux, Dallas CBP Port Director. “If we come across suspicious consignments, we investigate them and act accordingly. In this case, we have confiscated the consignment to protect our country’s agriculture.”

The CBP said these items are not allowed in the US due to animal disease concerns and that all lollipops in the shipment have been steam sterilized.

“CBP agricultural specialists are working to rule out the introduction of alien animal diseases such as highly pathogenic avian influenza, Newcastle disease, foot-and-mouth disease, classic swine fever and swine vesicular disease. These diseases can harm chickens, turkey herds and / or damage pigs,” the CBP said in a statement on Wednesday.

The CBP said they intercepted and quarantined more than 3,000 items on a typical day last year, including plants, meat, animal by-products and soil.

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