Flamingos of Carrollton Feed the Flock – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

Feather birds like to be together.

“We like to have fun, but we give back to the community. That’s one reason we started the group so we can go out and help people,” Becky Miller said when speaking of her herd of friends.

The ladies met at the Carrollton Civic Fire Academy. A firefighter joked that they were troublemakers and the ladies accepted.

“We decided we’d rather be flamingos than troublemakers,” Paula McDonald told NBC 5.

And with that, the Carrollton Flamingos flew into action to help their beloved community. Feeding families in the pandemic has been one of the greatest needs.

“We brought canned food. We brought everything they needed,” said Judy Lyle.

“Other organizations or people will contact because they know they can count on us to help. So we will collect food or do whatever we have to do,” said McDonald.

McDonald’s volunteering with the flamingos recently earned her the city’s Neighborhood Leadership Award. While she appreciates the honor, the reward comes into work.

“It meant a lot to me. Nobody volunteers at Carrollton. It takes a person to say you know what to do this or that,” she said. “Nobody ever gets through life without problems. If we can find out and help, we enjoy it.”

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