Food Distribution Events to Take Place Around Fort Worth Starting Sunday

The snow may have gone, but Fort Worthians are still swaying from the effects of last week’s storms, which left many without electricity, water, and heat – not to mention grocery store shelves empty of bread, milk, and other staples were. With many still struggling, Virginia-based nonprofit Mercy Chefs roll back to Fort Worth in four 18-wheel trucks filled with boxes of groceries for those in need.

Mercy Chefs, in partnership with the USDA Farmers to Families Food Box program, will be set up in four different Fort Worth locations between Sunday and Wednesday. Crystal Padilla, a volunteer who worked to bring a Mercy Chefs site and commercial kitchen to Fort Worth, says each 18-wheeler will carry 1,000 to 1,200 boxes of groceries, including a protein dairy (including the hard to source) you can find gallons of milk), fruits and vegetables.

The locations, dates and times for food distribution are shown in the graphic below.

It’s going to be a drive-through event where families can just roll to the construction site, open the trunk, and have a volunteer come by with a box (or two, if necessary – no questions asked, Padilla says).

Mercy Chefs was in town February 19-22 last week serving restaurant-quality hot meals on the Gateway Church campus in north Fort Worth. Padilla says she would like to see sales events continue and is currently trying to raise funds for a commercial kitchen that Mercy Chefs can use to prepare meals in Fort Worth.

“Fort Worth has a big heart for the community,” says Padilla. “We’re ready. We can do something like this.”

Samantha Calimbahin

Samantha Calimbahin is the Editor-in-Chief of Fort Worth Magazine. When she’s not editing or creating to-do lists for the magazine’s million dollar projects, she’s jamming on her guitar and planning her next trip to a Disney theme park.

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February 26, 2021

4:05 pm

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