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FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – The staff of the Sysco company describe their company as follows: “The world’s leading provider of marketing and distribution of food to customers who prepare meals outside of their homes. Our customers include restaurants, health and educational institutions, hotels, ball parks and zoos. “

Melinda Torbett, senior director, human resources service delivery at Sysco, said they have dozens of jobs that they would like to fill in North Texas at all skill levels.

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“These jobs include CDLA and B delivery drivers, warehouse selectors, customer service representatives, production workers, meat packers, butchers and more,” said Torbett.

The jobs are all full-time and the company prides itself on offering competitive wages and an attractive benefit package.

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“We offer a comprehensive overall package for awards. Some of these include competitive wages and incentives, a discount on the life of prescription doctors and an old-age pension on disability insurance on Sysco stock, as well as paid vacations and holidays, “said Torbett.

While some positions require proper certification and licensing, other jobs can be learned upon hiring, and Sysco says they love to be trained.

“Most of our jobs do not require any experience and we are totally invested in training our employees to develop their careers within the company.”

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