Food truck serving Fort Worth’s best tacos stolen from gated area

UPDATE: The truck was in a residence in south Fort Worth and was recovered by police. No arrests have been made and the interior of the trailer is being vandalized, according to FWST.


A food truck from Taco headsFort Worth’s award-winning taco concept by Chef Sarah Castillo was stolen from an area protected by a locked gate on Memorial Day.

The truck was parked in a padlocked parking lot on South Main Street and was stolen between 6 p.m. and 8:30 p.m., according to staff member Patricia Perris. The theft was monitored by video surveillance so Fort Worth staff and police could see the crime unfold.

“You see two people, possibly more, pulling up in a black Tahoe,” says Perris. “The passenger gets out and then cuts the padlock with bolt cutters. You hook the truck to its trailer hitch and drive away.”

The closed property is part of a restaurant area which will in future be the second Taco Heads location. Perris says they were able to narrow the time frame because the landlord was nearby. They already posted a photo of one of the thieves on their Facebook page.

“The landlord saw the trailer at 6pm, so we know it was still there at the time,” she says. “We’re in the process of getting better pictures from the surveillance video.”

Castillo launched Taco Heads seven years ago when food trucks were new. The gourmet and breakfast tacos got them a spot on Texas Monthly’s list of 10 Best Tacos To Eat Before You Die. Taco Heads was also one of the 10 nominees for Best Restaurant at the CultureMap Tastemaker Awards 2017, and Castillo was one of the 10 nominees for Best Chef.

She and her partner Jacob Watson also have a restaurant on Montgomery Street.

What can a thief do with a fully stocked food truck serving some of the best tacos in Dallas-Fort Worth?

“We can only imagine that they intend to sell it,” says Perris. “You can take trucks and rid them of their expensive equipment and then turn around and sell them in parts.”

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