Fort Worth architect Emery O. Young Jr. dies at 83

Respected Fort Worth architect Emery O. Young Jr. died on Saturday, just two days after the New Year began. He was 83 years old. He was born in Post, Texas and graduated from Texas Tech University. He worked under several architects in Fort Worth before setting up his own practice in 1971.

His work, largely done for residential purposes, was an example of the bold shapes and clarity of modernity. In an essay on the architect, Mark Gunderson, a Fort Worth architect, noted his “continued concern for light and shape, materials and volumes, and proportions and grace”.

His major projects included a number of Fort Worth homes: the 1979 Ax Residence, the 1981 Kornfeld Residence, and the 1993 Geesbreght Residence, all of which had ample open spaces filled with light that encompassed their surroundings

“Emery Young has preserved the beliefs of modernity against all odds, giving us buildings that are idealistic islands in a world hollowed out by abbreviations,” wrote Dallas architect Max Levy. Frank Welch, the dean of Texas architecture, called him Fort Worth’s “modernist conscience”.

Young received numerous awards from the American Institute of Architecture for both design and service.

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