Fort Worth Architectural Firm Announces Latest Design

Fort Worth architecture firm MEL / ARCH is known for its atypical designs such as the Connex office and retail park made of colored shipping containers.

The company’s latest project is said to focus on sustainability and fostering a creative community.

ArcSpace – a 20,000-square-foot facility at 108 Cromwell Street in Fort Worth’s East Side – will be a collection of 13,100-square-foot makerspaces and residential buildings. The other side of the property also features outdoor gardens, a koi pond, exhibition areas, social spaces, and a meditation room to create a fun, artistic atmosphere.

The idea for ArcSpace came from Jie and Matthijs Melchiors, married couple and partners at MEL / ARCH. “After living in Fort Worth for some time,” said Matthijs in an interview, “we really liked our city and would like to make a positive contribution.”

Once the project is complete, the Melchiorses plan to live on the property as caretakers and help promote the community.

The name of ArcSpace was derived from the unique, domed shape of the roof. Besides the shape, the green design will be one of the most important aspects of the building. “We want to include as many sustainable features as possible,” said Matthijs. These elements include permeable paving stones as an alternative to concrete or asphalt, wind turbines for generating electricity on site, and methods of collecting rainwater from the roof for irrigation.

The company plans to start the groundbreaking in June or July this year and have a construction period of around 10 to 12 months. ArcSpace is expected to be completed and open to the public in the summer of 2022.

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