Fort Worth Businesses Give Firewood to Families

FORT WORTH, Texas – Texas families struggled to stay warm and safe in the frigid conditions that created the state of emergency in the Lone Star State.

Although the sun started shining on Fort Worth last weekend and things are slowly improving, some residents are still without electricity or water.

Given their well-being, local businesses like Gozova Moving Company, Tulips Fort Worth and C&C Services came together with local residents to help people survive the icy days and nights until power was restored.

Fort Worth residents like Ramon Lopez, who has no heating at home and relies on his fireplace to keep his family warm but quickly runs out of firewood.

“We only had some firewood and used it up last night. My family and I couldn’t sleep because it was so cold, ”said Lopez.

He said this wasn’t the only vital resource his family has been missing since the winter storm.

“We don’t have water at home either, so we have problems and suffer a lot,” he said over the weekend.

This is the suffering that the organizers and donors of the free firewood drive want to prevent in the city.

“We just want to make it available to as many people as possible,” said Chase Cocanower, owner of C&C Landscaping Services.

He is one of several business owners happy to pay it up and instantly make a difference for their neighbors.

“We only had it in the garage for a while. We never lost power. Our water went in and out, but we’ve got enough to boil and we’re safe. So I figured I’d do anything to help those who weren’t as lucky as we were, ”said Jeanne Priddy, who stopped by Tulips Fort Worth to donate firewood.

“I really enjoy helping people, so I’ll do whatever I can to help people,” said Cocanower’s son Bob, who helped his father distribute firewood to people who came by.

Cocanower believes this will teach their child important values ​​that they can carry with them for the rest of their lives to be there for others.

“My parents taught me and we just want to keep these old traditions going,” he said.

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