Fort Worth Camera Studios opens in Texas by Ibañez Shaw

Ibañez Shaw’s Fort Worth Camera Studios land in Texas

Fort Worth is blessed with a plethora of cultural institutions from an enviable array of international architectural heavyweights. With the Kimbell Art Museum by Louis Khan (including the recent addition by Renzo Piano) and a modern art museum by Tadao Ando, ​​the Texan city easily deserves its place on the world architectural map. The latest contemporary addition is a new photography center on Montgomery Street, courtesy of local firm Ibañez Shaw Architecture. It’s just a stone’s throw from the Museum Quarter and across from the Legoretta + Legoretta Science and History Museum.

The structure is divided into two wings arranged on different levels. It consists of a concrete complex that includes photography classrooms, studios and a retail area. The strong geometry and clear lines are reflected in all areas of the building – with a distinctive pattern of round perforations that adorn parts of the facade and references, the architects explain, the graphic proportionality of seven standard openings that restrict the incidence of light allowed by the camera to enter ‘. During the design, special attention was paid to the fact that the openings were widened conically in order to improve the visual transparency and the graphic representation, the team continues.

There is a play area for children in the protruding yellow box of the concrete building.

The strong character of the structure continues inside. The retail area has glass shelves so as not to detract from the general concrete feel. A spectrum of cameras is distributed over the shelves and becomes a central decorative focus for the room.

Even so, the complex retains a healthy level of playfulness. A yellow box unexpectedly protrudes from the concrete volume, containing the hub’s children’s area. An umbrella-shaped photo studio illuminates the conference room near the entrance on the upper level. Reflectors are installed above the cashiers in retail, which reflect the daylight and illuminate the interior in a real photographic way. § §

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