Fort Worth Convention Center Extends Shelter Hours

Ft. Worth Convention Center Shelter

The City of Fort Worth has extended the opening hours for the animal shelter at the Fort Worth Convention Center. It is open to residents who have no electricity until Thursday noon.

Anyone in need of the shelter must transport themselves to the convention center and enter through the Houston Street entrance. The location is 1201 Houston St, Fort Worth, TX 76102.

The COVID-19 screening takes place before entering the building and COVID-19 logs are set up.

  • Baby cots are provided. People should bring their own blankets.
  • Food is not provided.
  • Toilets will be available, but there will be no facilities for showers.
  • We currently have no way of admitting animals to the shelter.
  • Parking is everyone’s responsibility. Garages are available on Commerce and Houston Streets.

The city will also have heat stations available for anyone who needs a warm place to walk.

The heating stations are in operation from Tuesday to Thursday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Worth Heights Community Center at 3551 New York Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76110. 817-392-8722
Notes: Heat center only. No snacks or cots

Handley Meadowbrook Community Center at 6201 Beaty St, Fort Worth, TX 76112. 817-392-2830
Notes: Heat center only. No snacks or cots

Diamond Hill Community Center at 1701 NE 36th St, Fort Worth, TX 76106. 817-392-5485
Notes: Heat center only. No snacks or cots

Ft. It is worth upgrading water

Please also note that the notice about boiling water has been extended to residents of the north side.

Due to a power outage at the Eagle Mountain sewage treatment plant and subsequent loss of water pressure in the system, the City of Fort Worth is notifying customers in much of northern Fort Worth to boil their water (e.g., hand washing) / face, brush teeth, drink, etc.).

Fort Worth expands the boiling water notice to a total of 212,000 Fort Worth residents. Nine cities buying drinking water from Fort Worth – Haslet, Keller, Lake Worth, Northlake, Roanoke, Saginaw, Southlake, Trophy Club, and Westlake – have been notified. If you live in one of these cities, contact your water utility directly with any questions.



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