Fort Worth Firefighters Training to be on Dive Team – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

Fort Worth firefighters are training to join the 60-person diving team that conducts rapid water rescues during flash floods.

Tuesday’s class was in the swimming pool at the fire department training center learning to dive.

“They’re getting certified out here,” said Fort Worth Fire Department spokesman Mike Drivdahl. “After all, you will be part of our fast water rescue team. You would be the divers who are currently manned for the storm.”

Fort Worth has two full-time diving teams ready to respond to a water emergency across the city.

The department put together a third team, as flash floods threatened in the next few days.

Rapid water rescues are often the dive team’s riskiest calls, Drivdahl said.

“These are a little challenging because they are time sensitive,” said Drivdahl.

The high risk is that first responders do not want drivers ever to put themselves in a situation where they may need to be rescued.

“One thing to remember is if you can’t see the road because there is water over the road. Don’t drive through the road,” said Drivdahl. “Your life is not worth the risk. Find another way home, you will find yourself.” another way to go to the store. “

But the fire department says the dive team will be ready – just in case.

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