Fort Worth firm working on Air Force One replacement lays off 223 workers

Air Force A subcontractor fires 223 after losing his job

A Boeing subcontractor working on the new Air Force One aircraft until it gets the trunk cuts 223 jobs.

In a statement, Brad Foreman, CEO of GDC Technics in Fort Worth, said the downsizing was the direct result of Boeing’s layoff.

In a letter to the Texas Workforce Commission, the GDC announced that most operations at their Fort Worth headquarters would be suspended. It would also close its San Antonio facility where Air Force One work was being carried out.

There was no immediate comment from Boeing of Chicago.

Boeing had sued GDC on charges of encountering financial problems and missed deadlines, inflicting millions in damage to Boeing and jeopardizing the work that is vital to the US Air Force and the President.

In response, GDC countered Boeing on the grounds that Boeing’s mismanagement caused the delays and that Boeing had failed to meet its contractual obligations to subcontractors, including failing to pay GDC due for its work. It is also alleged that Boeing damaged GDC’s reputation with the Pentagon.

In 2018, the US Air Force placed an order worth 3.9 billion US dollars with Boeing to convert two Boeing 747-8 aircraft into the legendary presidential jets and deliver them by December 2024. Boeing hired GDC to work on Air Force One and other executive aircraft that were used to carry government officials.

Boeing is currently working on upgrades to power supplies, communications systems, executive interiors and other work on the aircraft at a Boeing facility in San Antonio, a Boeing spokeswoman said.

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