Fort Worth Fixture Transforms Into Magnolia Wine Bar — and Real Southern Food Power is Part of the Equation

W.The ownership of Kent & Co. Wines at 1101 Magnolia Avenue was transferred from original owners Will Churchill and Corrie Watson to Marty and Marilyn Englander in 2019. Now it has. One of Southside’s most popular wine bars has just been completely revamped and renamed.

Get ready for the Magnolia Wine Bar.

Kent & Co. Wines hinted that changes were underway with a post-Snowmaggedon social media post on February 22nd that read, “Wait till you see what’s in bloom!”

As early as the next week, Fort Worth wall painter Kristen Soble set about transforming the patio area, painting bold magnolia blossoms scattered across the red brick facade of the wine bar. The patio was decked out with planters filled with dwarf magnolia trees, adding to the new theme.

The signage changed this week at the Magnolia Wine Bar.

Eventually, the signage was swapped along with the bar’s website and social media accounts and the venue was officially renamed The Magnolia Wine Bar. The transition is now complete.

The English maintain a pet-friendly patio and hope customers will welcome The Magnolia as their own “personal wine cellar and living room in the heart of Magnolia Avenue.”

During the height of the coronavirus pandemic shutdown that rocked so many local businesses, the English teamed up with Near Southside Inc. and opened their stage to soul and R&B superstar Leon Bridges, who is himself quarantined in Fort Worth was standing. Bridges was ready to perform in a virtual concert / fundraiser that benefited all struggling Southside businesses.

Bridges and special guest Abraham Alexander held a free streaming concert to support the Southside CARES Fund. The concert was a huge hit, grossing $ 60,000 during the show alone. Almost a year later, more than $ 163,000 was raised. This money was given in the form of grants. And it all started with the generous gift from the English of $ 15,000.

As it turned out, this concert was one of the earliest concerts to be conceived in a virtual format that soon became the norm for artists, audiences and charities across the country to further connect and advance projects during COVID.

The rebranding of the Magnolia Wine Bar is complete. There will be a new menu shortly.

The Magnolia Wine Bar still offers an extensive, curated selection of wines that range from $ 8 per glass of Prosecco to some rare vintages like the Chateau Lafite-Rothschild or Harlan Estates Bordeaux and cost more than $ 1,000 per bottle. There is also a selection of mostly local beers for non-wine drinkers.

Along with the typical pizzas, cheese and sausage boards that have always been on the menu, the English are planning to add a larger selection of dishes to the renamed wine bar.

Katrina Carpenter of Carpenter’s Cafe & Catering, which offers Mediterranean home-style cooking, including the highly acclaimed Carpenter Smoked Chicken Salad, will fill this part of the equation. Texas Monthly took note of Carpenter’s Grown Folks No Nana Pudding, which is considered one of the best dishes in Texas. The menu at the wine bar is called Carp’s at The Magnolia.

Magnolia Avenue now has its own wine bar of the same name.

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