Fort Worth loves this architectural style for homes the most

In Texas, which has the largest number of ranches in any state in the country, it is fitting that ranch-style homes are the most popular residential architectural style. Fort Worth is particularly fond of ranchers.

A survey by Trulia, an online residential real estate marketplace, found that ranch-style homes set other types of homes – including Colonial, Cape Cod, Victorian, Mid-Century Modern, Tudor, and Georgian – aside in terms of adult sympathy in Texas push.

As a refresher, ranch-style homes are single-story buildings with features like a low roofline, an open floor plan, a rectangular or L-shape, and an exterior of stucco, brick, or wood.

In Texas, most of the ranch-style homes in the market can be found in the Fort Worth-Arlington area, reports Trulia. Here are the top areas in the state for ranch-style homes listed on Trulia, ranked from highest to lowest percentages:

1. Fort Worth-Arlington
San Antonio
3. step
4th Dallas-Plano-Irving
5. Austin
6th Houston

Overall, the Trulia poll shows that Americans prefer artisan houses (43 percent), followed by Ranch (41 percent) and Colonial (36 percent). However, most US adults aged 55 and over (52 percent) vote for ranch-style homes.

“Every architectural style in the whole country gives a neighborhood character and charm and makes each one unique,” said Lynnette Bruno, Trulias Vice President for Communication and Research, in a press release.

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