Fort Worth Mayoral Race Heads To Runoff Between Deborah Peoples And Mattie Parker


The election for the special house in Texas is facing a runoff

Susan Wright (R), the widow of Rep. Ron Wright (R-Texas), will advance to a runoff contest in the Texas 6th Congressional District special, AP reports. Why It Matters: Ron Wright died of the coronavirus as the first seated member of Congress two weeks into his second term, and the seat has been vacant since then. With Axios Markets, you get market news that is worthy of your time. Subscribe for free. State of play: Susan Wright was the only Republican candidate to receive endorsement from former President Trump, the Texas Tribune notes. Republican Jake Ellzey will take on Wright and defeat Democrat Jana Lynne Sanchez for second place. The seat has been occupied by a Republican since at least 1984. However, several surveys in the district showed mixed results leading up to the pro FiveThirtyEight race. The Democrats had hoped Sanchez would advance to the runoff and bring the seat into play to expand their narrow majority, but the seat remains in Republican hands. Editor’s Note: Corrected this post to show that the race leads to a runoff contest after a candidate fails to get 50% of the population’s vote. An earlier version of this story indicated that Wright had won the race. This post has been updated to state that Republican Jake Ellzey will face Wright. More from Axios: Subscribe to receive the latest market trends at Axios Markets. Subscribe for free

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