Fort Worth philanthropist’s 3 famous ranches command $340M list price

As a Fort Worth rancher, horse lover, art collector, art patron, and philanthropist Anne Marion She died in February at the age of 81, leaving behind a ranch empire in Texas about a third the size of Rhode Island. Now all three Marion ranches are on sale for more than $ 340 million.

In her will, Marion dictated that the three Texas Panhandle properties – collectively known as the ranches of the 6666 – should be sold. They comprise 266,255 acres across Counties King, Hutchinson, Carson and Sherman. All are mainly operated as cattle ranches.

The largest of the three ranches is 6666’s Ranch with a size of 142,372 acres. Price tag: $ 192.202.200. It is the first time the ranch, established in 1870, has been for sale. Marion’s maternal grandfather, the legendary Texas rancher, oilman, and landowner Samuel “Burk” Burnett founded what is now 6666’s Ranch. It is about 200 miles northwest of Fort Worth.

“This historic property was founded 150 years ago,” says the sales list, “and only about once in a lifetime does a ranch of this size and importance come onto the market. This is a rare opportunity to own a great piece of Texan history. “

After his death in 1922, most of Burnett’s estate went to his daughter Anne Burnett in trust for their not-yet-born daughter (Marion). Anne Burnett eventually married Charles Tandy, who owned Fort Worth-based Tandy Corp. who owned the RadioShack chain of electronics stores. After Anne Burnett Tandy’s death in 1980, her daughter inherited most of the estate.

The most famous structure on the 6666’s Ranch is the 13,280 square foot main house. It contains 13 bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, three powder rooms, two kitchens, three fireplaces and a dining room. A number of well-known guests, including US presidents, have stayed there.

Other functions are:

  • About 20 smaller houses

  • Private runway

  • Aircraft hangar

  • Mineral, solar and wind generation rights

  • 48,750 square meter horse hall

  • Several barns and stables

  • Abundant wildlife including white-tailed deer, quail and pigeon

“Commercial hunting has never been allowed on the property. [Anne] Marion enjoyed hunting and used the property as a place to hunt in person and invite family and friends … to hunt. It’s rare to find a property of this size where commercial hunting was never allowed, ”the sales list reads.

Aside from 6666’s Ranch, Marion’s estate owns the 114,455-acre Dixon Ranch, which Burk Burnett bought in 1903. It is about 350 miles northwest of Fort Worth. The six-home property is on the market for nearly $ 137.35 million.

The smallest of Marion’s ranches is the 9,428-acre Frisco Creek Ranch, about 400 miles northwest of Fort Worth near the Oklahoma border. The price is nearly $ 12.21 million. Marion bought the property in 2016. It consists of a 3,658 square meter log home and a two bedroom apartment in a separate building.

In total, the three ranches are listed at $ 341,757,460. The listing agent is Sam Middleton of Lubbock-based real estate agency Chas. S. Middleton and Son. He is also the listing agent for T. Boone Pickens’ 64,809 acre Mesa Vista Ranch in the Texas Panhandle, priced at $ 220 million.

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