Fort Worth restaurant inspections: Most health violations?

Several Fort Worth restaurants received health code violations in September for poor hygiene and mask injuries, including masks kept with clean dishes and cookware and poor hand washing practices. This is evident from an extensive database of health inspections across the city.

Four restaurants received mask violations, including Los Juanitos, a Mexican food on East Berry Street, which received a violation of employees who did not wear masks. Bonitos Taqueria on Hemphill Street reportedly kept a mask with clean dishes and another mask in a bowl of toothpicks.

Los Juanitos Mexican Food also received violations by employees for improper hand washing and for storing their drinks over cold food.

Joe’s pizza and pasta on North Beach Street received a violation for hanging a mask on a pan, and Dos Juanito’s Mexican food on Hemphill Street was marked with paper plates for mask storage.

Yolk on Main Street and Supermercado Teloloapan on Ellis Avenue each received 27 violations, most of which were reported in September.

Yolk violations included chemical containers used to hold food, toxic chemicals stored next to food, spray bottles of toxic chemicals that were not properly labeled, and no written health guidelines for employees or employees responsible for reporting Diseases are responsible. The Supermercado Teloloapan received bad pest control violations because the food was stored at unsafe temperatures, the plumbing was in poor condition, the cookware was poorly cleaned and the food was improperly stored.

Other facilities received violations of rodents, insects and other pests. Tacos Don Miguel on East Rosedale Street had dead cockroaches in the kitchen, along with 18 other violations. The Cattlemen’s Steak House on North Main Street had dead insects or pests – how many or what kind – that had not been removed, and there were flies in the restaurant.

Mercado Juarez on East Northside Drive also received a violation for failing to remove dead pests – including birds, rodents, insects, or other pests – from the facility.

Four restaurants were classified as not injured:

  • Chipotle Mexican Grill on McPherson Boulevard
  • Fixed Southern House in Clearfork’s stores
  • Rogers Roundhouse on Rogers Road
  • Cru Food and Wine Bar in Clearfork’s stores

According to the Fort Worth City Health Inspection website, “The results here are only a snapshot of the facility at the time the inspector arrived. Conditions could be better or worse without an inspector present. “

Here are the inspection results and violations for restaurants within Fort Worth city limits for September 2020. The results are based on an error system. If the total exceeds 30, the restaurant must take corrective action immediately for any critical violations identified and then has 48 hours to take corrective action for all other violations. Enter a keyword or restaurant name to search September restaurant inspections. You can also sort by score.

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