Fort Worth restaurants gird for possible coronavirus restrictions

With the coronavirus shutting down events and gatherings all around us, the world of food and beverage is considered one of the most vulnerable industries. Fort Worth restaurants and bars employ thousands of people, many of whom are tipped or work part-time.

The state of Texas is looking into closing restaurants and bars, according to a member of the Greater Dallas Restaurant Association. Dallas and Houston have announced the closure of bars and restaurants in the restaurant effective March 17th.

Fort Worth has not requested full closings, but has announced capacity restrictions in restaurants, bars, and other businesses.

A statement from Emily Williams Knight, President and CEO of the Texas Restaurant Association, said the organization hopes to work with the state government so that restaurants can continue to offer drive-through, take-out / pick-up and delivery services.

“This will result in ‘no contact’ and ensure people have something to eat and, in turn, provide those employees with income to support their own families, Knight said.” More than 50 percent of the food consumed by Texas citizens comes from restaurants. Where would people go when grocery store shelves are empty? There are more than 50,000 units in Texas, excellent places to ensure that people who are now practicing social distancing can get food to eat. “

Their statement noted that restaurants are already heavily regulated by their health departments and are voluntarily doing even more to keep people safe. “If students don’t go to school for more than two weeks, where do they get their food from? A lot of these families can’t afford to store food,” Knight says.

Meanwhile, the following restaurants have already closed or postponed their operations, from completely closing the dining room to becoming a hub for the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day:

Angelo’s Grill is still celebrating its 62nd anniversary on March 17th, but with a modern twist: to take away. The barbecue site was opened by Angelo George on St. Patrick’s Day in 1958 and is now run by his grandson Jason George. Starting Monday afternoon, guests can still plan to visit mined beef sandwiches all Tuesday for $ 3, which are available for both takeout and dinner. The minced beef sandwich is available all week through Saturday.

Bird cafes The St. Patrick’s Day celebration is ongoing with the option to take the party home with you. Head to Sundance Square Restaurant on March 17th for one-day Irish-inspired specialties from Chef Brian Olenjack. On the menu: potato and leek chowder, homemade corned beef with cabbage, carrots and new potatoes, Guinness beef stew and, for dessert, dark chocolate Guinness cake with Bailey’s cream cheese glaze and brioche bread pudding. The specials are served all day in addition to the full menu. The implementation is possible for all foods.

Michael’s kitchen offers his St. Patrick’s Day to take away. The longtime staple of West 7th Street invites visitors to partake in several Irish specialty menus on March 17th. Think Irish “nachos” with corned beef and cabbage, hot corned beef sandwiches, and Guinness Irish beef stew with Irish soda bread. The menu is available throughout the day, along with roadside pickup.

Chef Point Bar & Restaurant In the Colleyville and Watauga locations, St. Patrick’s Day specialties with corned beef and cabbage as well as shepherd cake will be served on March 17th. The menu specials are offered throughout the day, along with roadside pickup.

Cowtown Brewing Company will be holding a bayou boil on March 21st to celebrate the lobster season, with a take away option. Get two pounds of mudbugs of traditional side dishes, including potatoes and corn, along with three beers for $ 40 each. Those who are still hungry can get more for $ 10 a pound. The special is available from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. and can be used for both cooking and brewing.

Home barbecue closes both dining rooms indefinitely from March 17th. They continue to offer grocery pick-up at both locations, pre-orders at both locations, online orders at, and delivery services for orders over $ 300.

Ellerbe Fine Foods has started providing food and wine services on the roadside. During business hours, everything can be ordered from the lunch menu during lunch and from the evening menu during dinner. The takeaway wine list can be found on their website and they offer 10 percent off 6-pack orders. Family and children’s menus will also be available from March 17th. Here’s how it works: 1. Visit for regular dinner / lunch menus. 2. Drive to Ellerbe. The meal will be ready in 20 minutes. 3. Stop at the restaurant and they will place the order in the car.

Reata restaurant Roadside pickup is now available. Call them at 817-336-1009 to place an order, then stop by the restaurant in downtown Fort Worth and they’ll take it to the car. Here you can view menus.

Fair foods is closing its dining room until March 27 to encourage social distancing. Until then, they offer take-away food and drinks on the roadside from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Customers can download their app, visit their website, place an order, or go to the bar and take the order to the car. “Stay tuned as we are busy working on a delivery schedule and our catering service is available for groups under 50,” the restaurant informed customers via email. “We’ll also be announcing dinner specials on our Instagram that can be picked up for lunch and dinner every day.”

Magdalena’s supper club will be closed until March 26th. From March 19-26, they will demonstrate that they can take groceries with them by picking them up or delivering them on the side of the road. More information and menus can be found on the Facebook page.

The bearded lady offers roadside pickup for all take-out orders.

Chadra Half is closed for dine-in for the next three days. They only handle deliveries, takeout orders and catering.

Neighbor’s grocery store offers roadside pickup and is another option for groceries.

Paco’s Mexican cuisine offers roadside collection and free delivery.

Tastebuds Restaurant is closed and only offers roadside pickup.

Piattello Italian cuisine offers a roadside pick-up option and take-and-bake offers like frozen lasagna trays for 6-8 people. Make a reservation by calling 817-349-0484.

Stir crazy baked goods offers goodies to take away. Call a roadside order at 817-862-9058 and they’ll package it up and deliver it to your car. Check out their menus on their Facebook page.

Hot Box Biscuit Club has temporarily closed the dining room and is now set up for online orders through its website. You can also call them at 817-887-9019 and they will handle it for you at the curb.

Three danes baking company will offer a free roadside delivery service – pre-ordered via Facebook message or SMS – during regular business hours on Friday and Saturday. More information and menus can be found on the Facebook page.

McKinley’s Bakery & Cafe is open daily until 3 p.m. and also offers take-away or roadside pick-up; Call 817-332-3242.

Zoë’s kitchen has suspended dinner at all locations. Order in advance for collection via the app or They also offer delivery through their website, the Zoës Kitchen app, or through Uber Eats. The opening times are tailored to the specific needs of each Zoës Kitchen location and the surrounding community, it says.

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Teresa Gubbins and Stephanie Allmon Merry contributed to this story, which is constantly updated. Email restaurant updates to [email protected]

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