Fort Worth, TX restaurant closes to fix health violation

One Fort Worth restaurant received a score above 30 last week for breaching its health code, which meant staff had to take immediate action, and another restaurant was closed for a day due to an issue, according to city health inspections.

Several establishments had a variety of reported problems, ranging from improper food storage to unclean surfaces to the presence of insects or rodents, the inspections show.

Two restaurants, on the other hand, achieved perfect results: Marco’s Pizza at 301 Clifford Center Drive and Sumo Sushi at 2484 Avondale Haslet Road.

The inspections were carried out last Saturday between April 25th and May 1st.

The Lone Star Oyster Bar at 4750 Bryant Irvin Road had the most violations with 33. Reported problems included storing ground beef over raw oysters, leaving food open for possible cross-contamination, and keeping items in prep cooler with internal temperatures above the required 41 degrees. Toxic substances were also not “stored to prevent food contamination,” according to the inspection notes.

Another restaurant in Fort Worth scored 29 points, and two restaurants scored 23 points, according to inspections.

Despite only getting a score of 13 on the 4601 West Freeway, Pho Noodle & Grill was told that there were “serious health code violations,” which meant it had to close “pending corrective actions”. The walk-in cooler was at 47 according to the inspection.

The restaurant was only closed on the day of the inspection, April 27, as the cooler could be brought back to the correct temperature quickly, the manager said by phone on Wednesday. It was “nothing important,” said the manager, who refused to give her name.

“We followed all protocols and tried to be safe for everyone,” she said.

Sixteen restaurants stored food at improper temperatures last week, inspections show. Eight restaurants reportedly had black or pink organics in ice machines. Three restaurants learned that pests were present at the facility.

The full inspections can be found in the Star Telegram database. There is also a search bar that people can use to search for keywords or restaurant names. New restaurant inspections are published every week.

Here are the inspection results and violations for restaurants within Fort Worth city limits from April 25th to May 1st, 2021. The results are based on a system of errors. If the total exceeds 30, the restaurant must take corrective action immediately for all critical violations identified and then has 48 hours to take corrective action for all other violations. Enter a keyword or restaurant name to search the restaurant inspections. You can also sort by score.

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