Fort Worth’s Best Maid opens first pickle-themed shop in town

Fort Worth is about to open its own pickle shop thanks to a popular local company. Called Best Maid Pickle EmporiumIt will be a branded store coming to the Near Southside at 829 W. Vickery Blvd.

Best Maid’s Marketing Director Emily Christy said the shop will open on October 23rd.

Best Maid Pickles has been in business since 1926 when the Dalton family first opened a back garden to delight in. After partnering with Martin House Brewing, Fort Worth’s craft beer brewer, who featured Best Maids pickle juice in a range of pickled-themed beers, the company made its mark in 2019.

The beers were very popular; Martin House has since added the basic pickle beer to its permanent range. And just like that, Best Maid was suddenly hip.

The store will sell pickles; other pickled and pickled products such as pickled okra and BBQ sauce; and Best Maid merchandise, including t-shirts, insulated yeti-style cupis, and gift items. There are also ads of marketing materials, including some vintage items.

Products include:

  • pickled cucumbers

  • Kosher style dills

  • snappy garlic dills

  • extreme hots

  • cute relish

  • Dill Relish

  • Sandwich spread

  • sweet jalapeno relish

  • Jalapeno mustard relish

  • Jalapeno Bread-n-Butter

  • Kosher spears

  • Pickled okra

  • Beer pickles – made with Martin House Brewing Salty Lady beer

The store also has a life-size “mascot” named Smiley, the smiling brunette depicted on their labels.

Pickles and fermented foods of all kinds have become a huge foodie trend, and a pickle-themed store called Pickletopia opened in Dallas in 2018.

Best Maid’s business is located in the newly renamed Texas Cultural District in a cute brick building on the corner of College Avenue that was built in 1930 and previously housed businesses including a law firm and a pool repair company.

According to JO Agency, Best Maid specifically wanted a historic Fort Worth building for its first storefront. The interior features exposed bricks that add a nice touch of history.

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