Fort Worth’s Food Hall at Crockett Row loses its celebrity chef burger

Fort Worth burger fans should stat Crockett Row: Knife burgerDallas chef John Tesar’s concept will close its stand in the Food Hall in mid to late July.

Tesar confirmed that it would close “in 2 or 3 weeks”.

The chef says dining rooms are “for the landlord” and those in need of a leg-up. He told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that grocery stores were “too much work – and in the case of Crockett, not enough business.”

Kevin Lillis, CEO of the Hospitality Alliance, Crockett Row, said in a statement that they already have a replacement for the room.

“We decided to terminate our lease with John Tesar in order to close Knife Burger on June 30th because he could not fulfill his responsibilities as a tenant,” said Lillis. “We remain big fans of his food and wish him all the best.”

Lillis said the replacement will be another burger spot: the Stockyards Restaurant Hooker’s Grill, known for its fried burgers and onions, and it will “open up” until the end of July.

Tesar, a former head chef at Mansion on Turtle Creek, rose to fame after joining Top Chef, where he made it to the semi-finalist. He is a press favorite, having been featured in Esquire, Food & Wine, New York Magazine, and the New York Times. He has also appeared on the Today Show, Early Show, and Extreme Chef from Food Network, which he won.

Knife Burger opened at the Crockett Row Food Hall in December 2018. Other restaurants on their list include the renowned Abe Fromans pizza concept, Not Just Q grill stand, Gigi’s Cupcakes, and the recently opened Monkey King, which only serves dumplings.

Tesar’s departure follows his similar departure from another grocery hall – the Legacy Hall in Plano – which he left in February after a dispute over his contract with owner Front Burner Group, stating that profits “will be tipped in their favor and they will simply.” further tilt it. “

He has no shortage of projects, many across the country, including OuterReef, a new restaurant he opened October 1 in Laguna Beach, California that specializes in seafood, Californian produce, and some Texan steaks.

He is also opening two restaurants in Orlando, Florida, including a new location for Knife, its high-end steakhouse. and Spoon, the seafood restaurant he had previously run at Preston Center.

“I’m too busy and too busy to make up for the stand in the food hall,” he says.

According to Lillis, the Food Hall on Crockett Row has seen a “steady increase” in total sales and pedestrian traffic since opening in December, with monthly sales increasing and more than 1,000 customers per day.

“With the Food Hall activity, we’ve seen increased demand for rental space for tenants, so we’re working on changing the booth sizes to welcome more new concepts,” says Lillis. “We will be in touch with further tenant news shortly.”

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