From Tamales to Barbecue: The Latest Fort Worth Food News

If you are concerned that the upcoming move of Mariposa’s Latin Kitchen from the west side to Willow Park will result in the restaurant not serving its popular Christmas tamales this year, co-owner Crystal Padilla has a message for you: “Yes, yes, yes, we still make them. ”Filled with baked turkey and handmade dressing, they’re one of the most sought-after Christmas foods in town – and undoubtedly Mariposa’s favorite.

This is the last Christmas you can get in Fort Worth. Mariposa has been open in a mall on Locke Avenue since 2012 and closed in October to await a move to a bigger and better space in Willow Park. “Instead of trying to run one restaurant while opening another, we decided to close the original store so we could focus on the new one,” says Padilla. Since the Locke Avenue lease doesn’t expire until next summer, Padilla and her co-owner / mother Irma Gamez are using it for catering purposes as well as pop-up and tasting events.

The new Mariposa’s is slated to open next fall and will be the first restaurant to open in Willow Park North, a new mixed-use facility adjacent to the shops in Willow Park. The development will also include an amphitheater and a hotel. Mariposas 2.0 will be a big upgrade. The stand-alone building will be much larger – 4,500 square feet – and occupy an incredible footprint right next to the Trinity River. “It will be very similar to the Press Café,” says Padilla. “You will have these spectacular views of the river.” The restaurant will also have two components that the original lacks: a terrace and a fully stocked bar.

In the meantime, Mariposa’s will be taking orders for Christmas tamales through December 21st.


The south side will get a new barbecue area for Christmas. Derek Allan’s Texas Barbecue will be the matchbox of a building at 1116 Eighth Ave. that is best remembered as Paco & John’s original location. Allan, a Fort Worth native, has been working in a food truck in Grapevine for two years. But Fort Worth is home, and when he heard about the place on Eighth Avenue, he and his wife / business partner Brittany jumped on it. “I was born right down the street at Harris Hospital,” he says. “Here we want to be.”

Allan will be “cue about smoking oak using homemade smokers. Beef, he says, will be Wagyu.” It’s a bit more expensive for me to use, but it’s worth it, “he says. It makes a huge difference in taste.” While most grills focus solely on the brisket or ribs, Allan says he puts a lot of thought and energy into the sausage “It’s going to be a brisket sausage that is made by hand,” he says. One of his smokers will just be for the sausage, he says. In addition to beef brisket and pork ribs, the menu also features homemade side dishes and desserts, as well as specialties such as beef ribs.

Allan hopes to open in late December / early January.

Meyer & Sage, the city’s hot new catering and grab-and-go spot, has one-of-a-kind vacation menus to cater to all of your non-cooking needs. The options range from meat and cheese boards, to sliders, to fruit plates, to desserts. Four words: eggnog panna cotta. Four more words: turkey chutney brie pusher. Meyer & Sage was opened this fall by local chef Callie Salls in a cool place in the burgeoning foundry district. Delivery service and one-piece retail store offering cook-controlled take-away salads, sandwiches, pasture boards, glasses, and oven-ready meals. Salls uses wild-caught seafood, organic free-range chicken and turkey, as well as humanly and sustainably raised beef, pork and lamb from the Niman Ranch. Soon she will start a series of cooking classes and workshops.

2621 Whitmore St.,

If I were a bettor, I’d say Fort Worth-based barbecue newbie Brix Barbecue is going to have a dynamite in 2019. At the moment, Pitmaster Trevor Sales is working on pop-up events from a trailer. But soon he will have a new mobile kitchen in a 30 meter long Airstream from 1973. Find out where he will be by following him [email protected] and do yourself a favor:

Get his smoked beef cheek tacos. You’re welcome.

November 27, 2018

8:32 pm

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