Granbury Church Celebrates Mother’s Day With Altered Plans After Storm Damage – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

A Granbury church, which was damaged in Monday’s heavy storms, switched to ensure a Mother’s Day celebration could still take place on Sunday.

Twisted metal and scattered debris surrounded Crossing Place Church, which had roof and water damage from the storm. Everything but the sanctuary was defeated.

Pastor Tim Petty wore a yellow helmet and reported the damage to Church members. There is still no estimate of the cost of the damage.

The workers tried to make repairs in time for the Sunday celebration.

“We wanted to make a pancake breakfast for all of our ladies and celebrate them,” said Pastor Tim Petty Shift to Plan B. “

Plan B was donuts.

“A donut, a pancake, it’s okay just to get together and celebrate mothers,” said the pastor’s wife, Esther Petty.

Regardless of the food, the celebration was no less special for Church members who also celebrated loved ones who have died.

“These people never leave our lives,” said Tim Petty. “If we have our memories of her, we have it to comfort ourselves and we live our lives to honor her.”

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