How Fort Worth fares in new ranking of best cities to live in U.S.

We know that more and more transplants are moving to the Dallas-Fort Worth area from across the country. Where do you want to settle? Two bustling suburbs in northern Texas have earned the top 15 spots on a new list of the best cities in America.

And they’re … drum rolls, please … Plano in 7th place and Richardson in 12th place.

Only one other city in Texas – The Woodlands outside of Houston – appears on the list, topping the list at number 1. (The second-placed Arlington is not “our” Arlington, but the one in Virginia.)

Niche, an online platform that helps people choose schools and places to live, unveiled the year 2021 Best cities to live in America Ranking on March 15th. Niche generates the ranking by combing data from the US Census Bureau, the FBI, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and searching through millions of reviews from local residents. The ranking factors considered by Niche include affordability, housing market, neighborhood diversity, public schools and accessibility.

Fort Worth, inexplicably, is not on the list of 100 cities and lands at No. 124. Denton comes in at No. 54, Arlington claims No. 80 and Dallas grabs No. 84.

Fort Worth received an overall B + rating, ranking high for diversity (23rd out of 228) and low cost of living (62nd out of 228), as well as an average for young professionals (115th out of 228). The highest single grade is an A + for diversity. It deserves B + for jobs, family friendliness, nightlife, and weather; B for cost of living and commuting; B- for living, outdoor activities, and health & fitness; C + for public schools and C for crime and security.

No. 7 Plano (who actually finished fifth on last year’s list) receives an overall A + from Niche in 2021. He receives an A + for family friendliness, work and diversity. an A for night life as well as for health and fitness; an A- for housing; a B + for weather; a B for commuting; a B- for cost of living and outdoor activities; and a C + for crime and security.

After the recent # 1 for renters, Plano ranks fourth on the niche list of the best cities in the US to buy a home, with a median home value of $ 320,100. It ranks 8th on the list of the best cities to raise a family.

“What a great place to live. Plano is full of things to do, great jobs, great parks, and great people. The schools are pretty good, the location is perfect and the community is wonderful, ”read a five-star review on Niche.

Plano is located between No. 6-Ann Arbor, Michigan and No. 8-Columbia, Maryland.

Richardson, who kept his 12th place from last year, also received an A + from Niche. It deserves an A + for family friendliness and diversity; an A for public schools, nightlife, and health and fitness; an A- for jobs; a B + for living, weather and commuting; a B for outdoor activities; a B- for cost of living; and a C + for crime and security.

Richardson ranks fifth on the niche list of Best Retirement Places in the United States and seventh among the best cities to buy a home. The median home value is only $ 274,200.

“Richardson is a great Dallas suburb that made a great home for my family and me,” read a five-star review on Niche. “We moved here almost 4 years ago and had the greatest experience possible!”

Richardson is located between Irvine, California, No. 11 and Seattle, Washington, No. 13.

The Woodlands, the 28,000-acre master-planned parish north of Houston, has moved up the list of America’s Best Cities in Niche in recent years. Now it’s number 1 for the first time.

Overall, The Woodlands receives an A + from Niche, with the community receiving an A + for public schools, family-friendliness, and jobs. an A- for outdoor activities, living and diversity; an A for health and fitness; a B + for night life and weather; a B for commuting; and a B- for the cost of living.

The cities that round out the top 5 are: Arlington, Virginia (No. 2), Naperville, Illinois (No. 3), Overland Park, Kansas (No. 4), and Cambridge, Massachusetts (No. 5).

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