How I Survived 2 Semesters Interning Remotely With Fort Worth Magazine

I was fortunate enough to do two internships in the editorial office of Fort Worth Magazine. However, due to the pandemic, both internships were completely remote. It was strange and normal at the same time – normal because everything else was out of the way too, so I knew what to expect, but also strange because I knew I wouldn’t work in the office or interview people in person. Still, it was a fun and positive experience. I can now say that I survived two semesters of a distance internship. I’ll leave some tips here in case future interns need it.

FaceTime, Zoom, and your email will be your best friends.

These are your main sources of communication with your mentor / supervisor as well as those you are interviewing. Get in the habit of getting stuck on your phone as you are always looking for email from sources.

When interviewing people from home, make sure you have two electronic devices.

Interviews can be difficult if not in person. So I recommend taking a phone interview and using your voice memo / voice recording app on your laptop to record. You can get a transcript of these through various apps, and they make it easy for the app to share a voice note. My personal favorite is otters and it was well worth the price.

You can see the part and still be comfortable.

Just because the internship is remote doesn’t mean you should be in your pajamas all day. My advice is to look together from the waist up. Put on a nice shirt, do your hair and look just presentable for meetings and interviews – you can still feel comfortable in leggings or sweatpants.

If you didn’t know Fort Worth before, now you definitely will.

After working for Fort Worth Magazine for two semesters, I discovered many restaurants, bars, cafes and more. I made a whole list in my Notes app so I can explore it over the summer. The best part is that every place I discovered is local.

Asking questions and communicating.

Some tasks are more difficult and time-consuming than others, and it’s okay if you don’t fully understand the task on the first try. This is where questions come into play that will save you. A quick email explanation or a FaceTime call can make all the difference. It’s easy to get lazy, write a short story and not give it your all, but at the end of the day that’s your name under the title so I suggest you do the work.

Do you think you have what it takes to intern at Fort Worth Magazine? We have open positions in editorial, marketing and more. Apply here.

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